Turning 10 with quarantine balloon sculpture in yard tampa central florida

When you turn 10, it is a birthday best to celebrate with friends on a massive water slide! This bright and colorful number 10 was built to help celebrate this monumental occasion for this very special birthday child.

We were asked for a number 10 that was created of balloons and that would stand 10 feet tall. We made sure that we delivered on that request with a massive balloon number in the yard. This number helped keep the cars from driving into the play area and also helped marked the house for visitors to know where the party was going to be held. (I’m sure the giant water slide helped too!)

Right on the water, this family chose to host a quarantine-friendly event outdoors for the kids so that distances could be kept and so that everyone still got to have a ton of fun for this very special day.

When you are looking to celebrate a 10th birthday that every child will love, remember to add the balloons! The fun and exciting photo opportunity this created helped to manufacture memories that everyone will remember for years to come!

For your own special balloon decor for your milestone event, please contact us via our contact form. We will be happy to discuss details on how we can serve you and your event too.

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