Twelve is Grand – Birthday Party Themes

Twelve is grand!

marquee number 12 balloon decor purple with organic backdrop organic arch for girl

12. The last of the “pre-teen” years. YTE Events was excited to help this 12 year old, who just happens to be our daughter, celebrate turning 12 in style. We consulted with the “client” so that we were able to gauge their vision and style. We didn’t get too much other than that she wanted people to know that she’s 12, she wanted a lot of purple and TikTok. She also wanted to celebrate indoors and outdoors and she loves the look of organic balloon decor so we definitely wanted that to be our focus. Challenge accepted! We sketched out some ideas, presented them to the client and we got to work!

We started construction of the handcrafted balloon mosaic first as we knew that would take up a good chunk of time. We created the oversize template, built the frame and filled it with all different sized balloons. We also added a stand behind the mosaic to add additional and support for outdoor use.

We decided to use shades of purple with a touch of silver for the outdoor organic garland that would be displayed over the garage. We added a few small number 12 foil balloons to the garland.

marquee number 12 balloon decor purple with organic backdrop organic arch for girl

TikTok. It is the app that’s on every kids phone, but how do you translate an app into balloon decor? We started with the logo colors first, black, turquoise, and pink. The client wanted the TikTok balloons to be a backdrop for her – you guessed it – TikTok videos. We created an organic arch with the app’s primary colors. We added a large music note since TikTok is primarily a music app. We assembled our adjustable pipe and drape kit, added black crinkle taffeta fabric curtains and attached the TikTok themed garland to the backdrop. Attaching garlands to pipe and drape backdrops allows for a great photo ops without having to attach the garland directly to walls. We added an oversized free standing balloon that was customized with black permanent vinyl.

The celebration was a hit and the client was extremely pleased.

If you have a pre-teen you are looking to impress, give us a call and talk to our wonderful staff. They love getting creative and finding ways to really help events pop.

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