Balloons are an attractive birthday party decoration. There’s just too much creativity that you can put into balloon decorations. Balloons can get you any look from sophisticated and classy to whimsical and fun. All that it takes is a dose of ingenuity, and you can turn this old favorite decoration into something spectacular.

A Beautiful Photo-Balloon Chandelier

What a better way to remind people of the sweet memories they’ve had than with photos hanging at the desert buffet or escort table. The balloons are made to stand out overhanging the table from bottom up. Pictures of the birthday child with friends and family are attached to the balloons. Other images and decorations can also be attached to help tell a story or enhance the party theme.

Floating Stars

Floating balloons have a magical allure about them. You can add a magical touch by making them glow. Shiny balloons floating overhead will give your guests a feeling of being in another world.  Simply get glow sticks that about 2 inches long and fit them in a balloon. Inflate the balloon and let them float creating their own distinct ambient lighting.

Magical Floating Balloons

Floating balloons are nothing new. Thanks to helium, almost every party will have floating balloons as part of the decorations. You can, however, make your balloons look magical by using a transparent filament to anchor them. A clear fishing wire will do the trick. By doing this, you will create an illusion of balloons in a suspended animation. It is even more breathtaking when the balloons are anchored over a pool.

Professional Balloon Art

A professional artist can shape balloons into almost anything to enhance your décor. It truly is amazing what expert balloon twisters can create. Besides the impressive designs, they could also fashion a balloon wall that is a perfect backdrop for you to welcome your guests. The wall will additionally be a spectacular background for taking birthday party photos.

Use LED Lighting

LED lighting can accessorize your balloons in more ways than you can possibly imagine. You can bling the anchor string with LED light, light up the base of balloon stands or simply illuminate balloons using LED light.

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