Pooh themed balloon decor for first birthday partyYou only get one opportunity to have a 1st birthday, so everything needs to be perfect.

  • You’ll definitely need lots of good food.
  • Invitations for all your friends and their little ones.
  • And of course CAKE! Everyone loves cake!

But what about a theme?

Luckily, for the parents of little Emilia, theme was the easiest choice of all. From the day she’d come home from the hospital she’d been in love with Winnie the Pooh and the world of Christopher Robin. Her sheets, pajamas, and even her bedtime stories all featured the antics of these lovable characters.

Emilias parents jumped on Amazon and immediately found some small figurines of the popular characters. “These will be perfect to decorate the table with” they said. Then they ordered party cups and plates in the appropriate colors. They even found a large wall banner or two which were perfect. But still, something was missing, what could it be. Think, think, think…

“That’s it!!! The Hundred Acre Wood! We need to create a forest. But how are we going to make it feel like we’re really there?”

They discussed building something out of cardboard, but quickly realized it would be too much work. And they worried that even if they did flex their crafting muscles, the results might not turn out quite how they’d imagined. They were stuck again. Think, think, think…

Luckily, they’d recently attended a friends birthday bash and seen some beautiful balloon decor. They suddenly realized that they might have found the answer. Jumping on the phone they called YTE Events and Balloon Decor and got office manager Kathy on the line.

Knowing it might be a long shot they asked “Can you build us a Hundred Acre Wood for Emilia’s 1st birthday party?”

Kathy replied, “Absolutely, we can build you the best little forest this side of Appalachia. Let me put together a couple of options and you can pick the one that best fits your budget.”

Needless to say, that’s exactly what happened. Emilias birthday went off without a hitch, and everyone loved the inflatable forest.

So tell us, what challenge can we help you overcome today? We pride ourselves on being a solutions based operation. And that means we’re not satisfied until you are.

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