Balloon decor including a pair of balloon sculptures in the shape of the number forty and a balloon arch, all made from green, blue, pink, and yellow balloons.

Birthdays are one of our favorite events to decorate for. We get to meet so many amazing people and figure out how to convey their personalities and imaginations with our decor. Each event is different, but the idea is always the same: to make it fun and memorable for everyone there. Well, with colorful decorations like this arch and sculptures, it’s hard not to remember a day like this!

The balloon sculpture pair started off as a weighted base and frame. After shaping everything to the right number, it was time to get the balloons on there. Our client wanted something bright and colorful, so we worked with them to figure out what would work best. They decided on a mix of green, blue, yellow, and pink balloons, all in neon colors! That way, when the sunshine came through the balloons, they’d pop out from the lawn and house. 

The arch worked pretty similarly to the sculptures. A weighted base and curved frame to connect them were our foundation. From there, we followed the same color scheme and pattern as the sculpture. Gotta keep everything consistent, after all!

We ended up using some sandbags to hold everything down that day. We didn’t want the wind running off with such bright and fun decor! 

All in all, the sunshine that we got that day for this event was exactly what we were hoping for. These colors work amazingly in bright light, where the balloons can really let their colors come forth. The client was thrilled with how things turned out, too. They wanted something bright, and they got exactly that!

We’d love to work with you on any birthdays or other events you have coming up in your life. Drop us a line and see what bright, elegant, or cute decorations we can work with you on!

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