Bat Mitzvah theme Cruisin with Bootsie

When you go cruising several times a year and it has become your all time favorite thing to do, you definitely make that your Bat Mitzvah theme!

We work with our clients to make sure that their theme is top notch and that the balloon decor matches their event, making sure to tie everything in cohesively.

Here we worked with our client to make sure that we had a cruise atmosphere throughout the entire event. The guests arrived through the gangplank with balloon stanchions on either side to great them. As they entered, the DJ announce their party as they took their seats, and even the tables were decorated with some of the coolest towel centerpieces, just like you’d find on your favorite cruise line.

We even decorated the dance area with light up balloons to add to the cruise like atmosphere. This was by far one of the most fun Bat Mitzvahs we have seen. A fan of cruises ourselves, it was a great match!

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