Survivor of the fittest Mitzvah Theme

Mitzvah Decor: Survivor of the fittest!

Because our client loved to watch Survivor with his parents, we created fun Survivor-theme Bar Mitzvah decor complete with a firepit to see who would be voted Off the Island!

This theme included the balloon firepit as well as jungle ‘vines’ over the dancefloor. The green vine accents really helped to give it that survivor feel and to make sure they had a Mitzvah that everyone left talking about.

For the adults, there was even a survivor themed bar. The bar was accented with Tiki-themed balloons and helped to tie everything together for the event.

Do you have an idea for a mitzvah that may be out of the box? Are you looking for something that will set your even apart from everyone else you know? Call us today to brainstorm your perfect Mitzvah decor!

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