Costume character easter bunny Easter is here! If anyone out there is like me, you are a bit under-prepared, and overwhelmed. So, I have some very quick ideas that are fun, easy and memorable for your child, and you most likely have the supplies on hand. Check out the following Easter activity ideas for your family. 

Leave treats for the Easter Bunny. He (or she), enjoys cookies, carrots and milk. The Easter Bunny always seems to leave behind a bunny hopped trail of milk on the table, chair and floor where he has hopped away. Kids love this!

Need a fun idea to stuff those plastic eggs? Stickers, and coins (for older kids) are a good alternative to candy. But look at these adorable and easy to make marshmallow chicks, with free printable cards. Kids, both young and old, will love them.

Plant a magical jelly bean garden. Do it tonight or tomorrow with your kids, water it a tad with magic water (glitter in a water bottle), and in a few hours, lollipops will have grown in their place! You can do it in your yard, or even just a little bit of dirt in a cup. Kids love it, and so will you.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

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