gorgeous balloon dance floor canopy with pink and whiteWhen you’re looking for a beautiful and elegant theme that speaks princess, then a canopy over the dance floor can go a long way. This gorgeous series of columns surrounding the dance floor consists of neon pink balloons surrounded by black and white printed balloons with filigree.  Topped with a large white round topper, these columns will catch the light that the DJ throws their way and will be gorgeous as people gather on the dance floor to celebrate their special day.

Though this is a very small sample of what a full dance floor could look like, the possibilities are endless. Here we have four columns surrounding the dance floor,but we can just as easily have 8 or even 12 columns surrounding the dance floor with fabric draping from the center of the dance floor to each of the corresponding columns.

If you would like your special day to stand out with something beautiful, please use our contact form to let us know what you are looking for. One of our master balloon decor designers will be back with you and will help to create a memorable set of event decor that will have your event stand out from anyone else’s!

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