We totally get it. Planning an event is a labor of love. It’s our genius space, but we know that’s not the case for a lot of people. So we put together a list to make the process just a little but smoother for those of us wanting to throw a killer event but need a little help.

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Set up date, time, and location

Getting your date, time, and location established will make the next steps easier. This will help you figure out appropriate deadlines and you will know the parameters of the event space so decor can be determined.

Who’s attending?

Who is the event for? Customers or friends? Kids, young adults? All of your following decisions will be based around who you are trying to serve since different groups and ages will have different needs and expectations.

Decide on your goal for the event.

How do you want your guests or customers to feel upon arrival? How do you want them to feel when they leave? If your plan is to raise funds, your event should be centered around that. If you’re planning for a birthday party the goal is typically to have fun. (We think every event should be at least a little bit fun even if it’s not a birthday!)

Once you decide on your main objective for the event, it will help you pick a theme, make decor decisions, and help you know how you want those attending to feel.

Pick a theme

Now that you know the date/time/location, who will be attending, and what your main goal is, you’ll want to pick a theme.

We’ve provided services for various themes and types of events so we’ve seen a lot. Picking a theme means picking two or three main colors, it could mean utilizing a pop culture icon (like Spider-man, Batman, Disney Princesses, etc.), and incorporating intentional design pieces into the layout of the venue. Something like a balloon arch over the main walkway or a unique piece of our balloon sculptures can give an event a sense of individuality and originality.

The theme of an event should support the main goal and help answer the question, what do you want to accomplish?

You may want minimal entertainment or a couple different stations of entertainers to frame the venue space. You can go with some of our artists and have them sketch your guests, or invite one of our Disney princesses to make the event magical.

These are just a few SIMPLE tips to add to your event checklist. For some decor inspiration check out our Pinterest page. For entertainment inspiration you can check out our gallery.

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