Balloon drop that did not fit at wedding woops My wife works with a fantastic young lady who recently got engaged. For her wedding, she wanted a balloon drop. It was a great idea. It would be completely magical as she entered the reception hall and would help add to the atmosphere. So, her mom decided to make it happen.

Unfortunately, I received the call a little to late to have a chance to check out the venue. Had this been another other person, I would have politely declined the event and wished them the best. However, it was a friend of my wife and I wanted to try in every way possible to make it happen. I explained that we were way beyond my comfort zone, but that I was going to try. We left it at that and I scheduled a few guys to show up in the morning in hopes that I could knock all this out before I needed to get to the next event.

The ceilings were WAY too low. The venue assured me they were high enough. The client thought they were high enough. I was not able to attend the venue myself for a walk through. So, I had to assume they were correct. The staff told me the ceilings were 14 feet tall. When I arrived, they were about 10 feet tall. Knowing that even a 14 foot ceiling was pushing it for the size drop she requested, I was left with very little to do.

As one of my staff arrived first and began blowing up balloons, I made sure to finish. We hung it up, took a photo, and contacted the client (mom) as soon as possible. I gave a few options and suggestions and recommended that they cut the drop all together.

Lesson learned: Even when doing decor for friends, one should ALWAYS check out the venue first.

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