Elephant on a ball circus themed balloon sculptureThis year we were happy to be involved in the design and creation of an entry piece for Blake High School’s 2015 homecoming dance. Their theme was Circus themed and they wished to have a balloon elephant greeting their guests as they arrived. As we received the call only a few days before their event, we were not able to create the large elephant entry piece for the students to walk under as they entered the dance, but we were able to keep the aspect of the elephant while accenting their circus theme at the same time. We also included a large clown sculpture for them as well. So, we kept to their theme, made things they had asked for us to make, and we put it all together in a time frame that worked for everyone.

Circus themed homecoming decor is all kinds of fun for any school dance. Even if you were to expand beyond the elephant and the clown which we twisted for Blake High, we would be more than happy to come up with a unique and fun theme for your event as well. Are you a school nearby that wants to do something bigger and more extravagant, let us know! We would love the challenge to go bigger and crazier than everyone before as we make a really awesome level of event decor for your homecoming school dance as well.

You might be able to see more photos here as well: Photographer’s website for Blake High.
If not, you can always find more on Facebook. Here is the Blake High Facebook Page.


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