USF is back in session for the fall semester. Nothing says “welcome back” to students than balloons in school colors. YTE Events & Balloon Decor balloon artists love working on USF campus. The campus atmosphere is always inviting, upbeat, and the grounds are beautiful. We wanted to bring all atmosphere and fun inside the blank Marshall Student Center hallways. We created a balloon arch in school greens and golds. We topped the archway with gold, foil number balloons. 2019 was perfect to start the fall 2019 semester. Students and visiting parents loved the opportunity to snap a photo with their newly minted college students. In addition, it created a talking point for many students to start new conversations and acquaintances with fellow students.

Balloon arches are not just for outside, they can be made on a smaller scale to fit indoors as well. While USF is a large university, balloon arches would be great for high school functions such as dances, talent shows, and graduations. Of course, schools don’t need to have all the fun. Balloon arches are great for sale events at car dealerships, malls, and restaurants. In addition, they can be made to accommodate private homes for birthday parties and showers. Contact YTE Events & Balloon Decor today to book a balloon artists to create the perfect balloon arch for your event.

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