Welcome week at tampa apartment complex for incomming USF students and their roommates The first week of college is always scary. The new town, new school, and new people all come together and could scare any student. A Tampa apartment complex wanted to take some of the first week of school anxiety away from students and welcome them into their new home on move in day by creating a colorful and fun balloon decor display. We were happy to get in on this project and welcome all the new students into their new homes. A balloon arch in fun summer colors was the perfect choice for move in day. Not only did it serve as a means of pointing the new students into the right direction to the leasing office, but it also created a great backdrop for students and their families to take photos. Parents dropping off their children for the first time to live away from home, students moving into their own place for the first time, and students meeting their roommates for the semester all are special occasions that were highlighted and made extra special by the balloon arch. The “welcome” foil balloons added an additional focal point and special touch to the arch as well, that many students thought was the attention to detail that made them feel welcome and special.

Balloon arches are very versatile. They can be made in any shape, size, and color to fit any event or special day. They are perfect for events that have a central location to denote where guests should go to register. They also are a great centerpiece as well. Many guests take pictures under the arch as a backdrop to photos. Foil lettering also makes arches even more specific to your event. Anything can be spelled out from “happy birthday” to “congratulations” making them perfect for birthdays and even formal events such as weddings or corporate meetings. Let YTE Events & Balloon Decor work with you to customize your event today with an arch to remember.

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