Graduating 2020 Burgundy and Gold Balloon Decorations Columns

Sometimes we have a ton of deliveries for the day and must drop off balloon decor early. That was the case for this event where we delivered graduation balloon columns and some additional columns to accent the driveway.

Knowing how balloons react to the Florida heat, we do everything in our power to maximize the longevity of balloons outdoors for our clients. It happens to be that burgundy used here is very sensitive to the heat and sunlight, so we temporarily held these columns in the garage as we waited for the party start time to get closer.

The columns you see in the foreground are color stacked standard balloon columns of burgundy and gold with a 3 foot gold star atop of them. These two columns were created to flank the driveway and to draw attention to the crowds as guests drove to the house and made their drive-by appearances for the guest of honor.

The 4 balloon columns in the background are the columns that highlight the year of graduation, 2020. These columns are a modified Corinthian column style with 40 inch gold foil number toppers. The client also wished for there to be a little bit of black ribbon in the middle, so you may see some of that as well. In the wind, it would be much more noticeable and would add to some movement for these columns. This set of 4 was to be placed at the garage door to create a photo opportunity for the graduate and her friends and fellow seniors throughout the party.

If you want something fun and exciting for your next graduation party or milestone event, please let us know. We LOVE doing themed balloon decor for schools and private families to help celebrate.

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