Graduation yard art with color stack column and firecracker top
Graduation 2020 was a unique time where yard signs and balloons became the go-to form of letting the neighborhood know what was going on. In this photo, you will see various yard signs from different organizations gifted to the family and a large balloon column the family chose to put up to let the guest of honor know how much they thought of her very special day.

Though the balloon decor we have been doing for birthday and graduation announcements have varied, this is a fantastic example of what many are looking to do. They want something big and flashy that lets people know what is going on. This column is about 8 to 10 feet tall and the starburst on top will have movement as it blows in the wind. The 2020 on the column also lets people know that this is for a graduation event.

Everyone that drives by can honk for support and friends and family that stop by can use this balloon column as a photo opportunity to help celebrate and remember the special achievement in her life as she graduates from High School and goes on to college. Life as a senior can be tough, and even more so this year. These little pops of fun and color really help to lift the moods for everyone.

In case you were curious about what this balloon is made of and the color and style, we will also share that information so that you can ask for this same exact item for your event if you like. This is a 7 foot color stacked column of rose gold and pale blue with a starburst 260 topped of rose gold and pale blue to match. The 2020 is a 14 inch foil balloon attached to the face of the column. If you were to copy and paste this paragraph and share this balloon photo with your local balloon company, that would help them recreate this photo for you. Additionally, there are approximately 30 different 260s in the topper of this column. Though you may only need to share that it is rose gold and pale blue, the additional information above about the creation of the column will help nearly any top level professional balloon artist to recreate this piece for you.

If you are located in the central florida area and would like some balloon decor, just let us know via our contact form and we will be more than happy to help put together something special for your graduation or drive-by event.

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