Graduation Day balloon decor event Graduation day is years in the making. Students in high school, college, and technical schools work years towards their degrees and that one day when all their hard work pays off and they get to walk across that stage towards their diploma and the beginning of a new life. One Tampa Bay area high school asked YTE Events & Balloon Decor to do something fun for their graduating class reception for students and families. We decided to add some decoration to the entrance of the building by adding movable balloon columns in the schools colors. Foil balloons were added to give a touch of elegance to the columns and customized the graduation day. The columns were lightweight so after all the guests had arrived, the columns were able to be moved downstairs to the main reception area for a perfect photo backdrop. Students and families had a great time taking photos that they would cherish for years to come.

Balloon columns are a great way to add color to any event. They can be customized to display school colors, sports teams colors, and any colorway you choose for your event. The fact that they are lightweight makes it easy for them to be moved to another location if need be. For example, they can be placed outside to inform guests of party location and then moved inside to serve as a photo backdrop and inside decoration. This dual purpose is an easy way to make sure the entirety of your party space is decorated and inviting to guests. Foil numbers and letters can be added to create any date or words you may want to spell out for your event. The numbers are perfect not only for graduation dates, but also birth announcements, weddings, and birthdays. Book YTE Events & Balloon Decor to add some customized balloon fun to your event.

For more information on graduation ideas, please see our graduation page for ideas on deliveries and balloons to celebrate a graduating senior.

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