Graduation Mailbox Display Deliveries Tampa Balloons

2020 Graduation mailbox toppers are a fantastic way to let people know there is something special going on in your household. This foil graduation topper can be placed on a mailbox and can last for a week and even up to a month or more, depending on weather. In some cases, we’ve even seen them last for up to 4 months!

This mailbox topper is typically used as an add-on for event decor but can also be purchased individually. Because they are so great for announcements and because they are completely foil, we have even figured out a way to make this as a “kit” that we can mail to you. Just let us know your school colors and the message you would like to give and we can help to put together and send out a kit directly to your home. For the price of shipping and supplies, you can do this yourself! We will even provide directions for you so that you can do them at home.

This balloon mailbox topper was requested to be white and maroon with a graduation message. Along with their yard art and the additional balloon decor we provided, this allowed all the guests and visitors to know that there was a special graduating senior living at this address. Those invited found the house easier and those driving by in the neighborhood could honk their horns in support of her momentous achievement.
If you would like a mailbox topper to celebrate the graduation of a loved one in your life, please contact us via our contact form. We are more than happy to build and deliver this for you if you are in the central florida area. Or, if you prefer, we can mail out a kit that you can assemble yourself. Just let us know what works best for your event!

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