Brandon Balloon Decor at Livy Os by YTE Events

If you are hosting an event and want to make sure that everyone is having a great time, then why not try out a place like The Studio Livy O’s in Brandon as a venue? They also offer catering options as well! Located off Hwy 60 and Kingsway Rd in Brandon, they are conveniently located for all your attending guests!

YTE Events and Balloon Decor recently decorated a small graduation function at their location and had a blast doing so. With such a beautiful venue, we were happy to accomodate. Check out some of the photos below for a better look into what all their venue looks like. You can also see how just the addition of a single pair of columns can really lift the room and add that touch of flair for an event.

We want to decorate for your event as well. Please contact us to see how we can provide custom balloon decorations or entertainment for your event as well!

At this event, we also received a phenomenal review for our team. Please see what Rosalind had to say below!

If you are interested in learning more about Livy O’s, here is a description pulled from their “about us” page with some more information:

Livy O’s – is inspired by the essence of our family at our core and a passion for delectable cuisine, Livy O’s Catering Co, brings a mix of urban flare and soul to the heart of Tampa. Named with enthusiasm and energy of cooking, quality time, a large family, and the cute little O’s Catering Co. revitalizes the soul of our hometown and stimulates your palate with eclectic culinary fusion.

Our passion for food extends beyond our home and into the homes of those in our great city. Making great food, inspiring those around us, and providing the perfect home-cooked meal has expanded into a vision beyond our dreams.

And we’re sharing our passion with you. Through intimate teaching sessions, romantic dinners, pampered girls’ nights and corporate catering, we’re taking the weight off of your shoulders, pampering you, and allowing you to enjoy fine dining and the luxuries of life. Let your palate explore with a few of our favorite creations.

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