Shoot for the stars with your school dance decor

School Homecoming Balloon Decor Stars Hollywood Theme Decorations If you want to shoot for the stars for your homecoming celebration, it’s hard to beat a star-filled entrance! We pulled multiple elements of our balloon decor to create this star themed dance floor decor!

Foil Stars and Structures

As soon as you walked in, your eyes would be greeted immediately by our tall, foil balloon stars that stood nearly ten feet tall! Walking through, you’d find yourself at the photo booth with photographers ready to snap your picture and capture the stars in your eyes.

Arches of foil balloons were strung overhead across the dance area in front of the stage. Combined with the lights, these balloons would twinkle just like the stars up in the Florida night sky. The star ballroom decor made amazing party decoration.

Balloon Towers

Holding up these arches of stars were towers of yellow and silver balloons. We designed these supports to have a spiral pattern, the line of silver balloons swirling up the side to draw your eye up towards those twinkling foil stars. Larger gold star balloons on the top and bottom of each of the arch supports finish off the column-like appearance, and are topped with a big foil balloon.

When your event to have decor that leads to a star-struck night, we’re your party people!

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