University of Tampa student services office with organic balloon decorations during opening week of campus Go Spartans! The University of Tampa is a gorgeous, historic campus in the heart of downtown Tampa. They reached out to YTE Events & Balloon Decor to create something eye catching and welcoming for their student services center the opening week of campus. We decided that balloon decorations in the main seating area was perfect to welcome in students, faculty, and staff. Nothing would do but school colors of course so we used balloons in hues of red, gold, and black to show off University of Tampa’s spartan spirit. We decided to add movement to this modified balloon arch and wrapped it around the seating area and workstation. Using balloons in differing sizes also created a pop of dimension to this centerpiece.

For this balloon arch, non-helium balloons were used. By not using helium, our company contributes to the protection of our environment. Helium is a non-renewable resource that is quickly depleting in the world. Whenever possible, our company strives to not use helium. While it appears the arch is floating with the use of floating balloons, this was done solely without the use of helium, something we as a company are striving to do with all our installations.

Balloon arches are a great way to draw in guests to any office or event. They are completely customizable in size and color. Whether you cheer on the University of Tampa Spartans or just want to have an arch for a special sporting event, birthday, or wedding, YTE Events & Balloon Decor can work with you to make your design a reality.