A. Color Stacking – This involved alternating the colors back and forth in a stacking pattern. This is a simple way to get a unique look and lends itself better to certain color combinations and styles

B. Fast Spiral – This is a fast spiral and one of the most common balloon décor patterns for arches. You will see this everywhere. So, if you are looking for classic, this is the way to go.

C. Slow Spiral – This looks especially good on larger arches ranging from 30 feet and up. The big, bold approach to the thicker spiral pattern makes a huge impact. Note: This does not look good on a small arch.

D. Arrow Pattern – This is another unique patter that looks great for a stage or at a location where you are trying to highlight the arch area. This is great over cars, tables, etc.

E. Two-Sided Arch – Because this is one color on one side and another color on the other side, we have labeled this the two-sided arch. It is really good for races or marking the front or rear of a location.

F. Diamond Pattern – The diamond pattern is created with unique color stacking and helps this arch to be a very popular choice.

G. Zig-Zag Pattern – This arch has a wonderful zig-zag formation in it which allows yet another unique combination of décor options for an event.

H. Dotted Line – This is a very simple, but pretty pattern. When the accent color is very strong and might be overpowering, but you would still like to use it throughout the arch, this is an elegant solution.

I. Inside/Outside Pattern – This is similar to the two sided arch, but it is turned on its side so that the inside of the arch is one color and the outside is another. This effect can be amplified on specialty arches.

J. Polka Dot Pattern – Though there is a pattern, this arch tends to look like a chaotic placement of polka dots. It is great when you are looking for a fun look with a limited number of colors.

K. Flower Pattern – Colors can be changed to look more like flowers when working with 3 or more colors. With 2 colors, it is just a really pretty arch.

L. Extended Color Stacking – This is a great way to build an arch with a stunning visual appeal and simplistic elegance. With the minimizing of all the craziness, this arch is a winner for many events.

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