Green, yellow, and black balloon archway for the entrance to the TopGolf lobby.

It’s easy to see why golf is so popular among business executives. There’s no running involved, the game is whatever pace you want to set, and there’s plenty of time to talk business. 

Sadly, there’s not always time to play a full round of golf. TopGolf does a great job making a fun game out of the driving range experience. So, it’s no surprise that they have so many clients and companies come out there for events and meetings. To spruce up the entrance for some of their clients, TopGold has us make this balloon arch. 

We built this arch as a tri-color, spiraling archway just inside the TopGolf lobby. Overall, the arch stands about eight feet tall at its highest point. We started with two weighted bases since we knew this was going to be near the doorway. From there, we began to tie off the black, gold, and green balloons to the center frame of the arch. To create the spiral, we had to offset the balloons from each other as we went up the frame. 

Once we had the arch set up in the lobby, our job was done! From there, it was up to the folks coming in to enjoy the display and play as best as they could. Corporate and business events are a special job for us. It’s not often that the business world is fun, but we and TopGolf try to add some fun where we can!

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