Tri-color spiral balloon archway made for a speaking event at the Renaissance Hotel.

When MedForce was having an event down at the Renaissance Hotel, they reached out to make a fun piece for their gathering. What better way to make a statement than with a tall balloon arch?

This three-color, eight-foot-tall arch was made using a white base. We wanted to make sure it wouldn’t stand out from the colors we planned to use. Starting from the bottom, we added dark blue, light blue, and white balloons up through the curve of the archway. To get the spiral look, we offset the colors from each other to create that spiral motion up the archway.

This archway was set up right by the doorway as you entered the speaking hall, so it would have been hard to miss! It’s always great when a company goes that extra mile to make its events more exciting. And, we’re always happy to help out when those companies need a balloon expert!

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