Green, white, and black balloon archway at the entrance to a dimly-lit dance party.

Birthday decor requests are frequent for us at YTE. Almost everyone associates balloons with birthday celebrations. After all, balloons are a sign of excitement and fun! So, when this client came to us to spruce up the entryway for this party, we knew we had to go big with a balloon arch. What better way to spruce up the entrance with balloons than to make the entrance itself be balloons, right?

From the floor to its highest part, this archway was about eight feet tall. It started off as a pair of black, weighted bases and a curved foundation connecting the two weights. We added three rows of balloons to the arch, each color spiraling up and down the entire length of the arch. The three rows were different colors: green, white, and black. That was done to match the color scheme of the birthday. 

We brought the arch into the venue and were able to get it set up at the entrance with no trouble. With how large the venue was, there were plenty of other things we had talked about doing for the venue. Organic decor for the walls or balloon centerpieces for the tables would have been fun to do. However, the client just wanted the archway for the entrance since the rest of the venue had been set up already by the time we got there. 

All in all, balloon arches are an enticing way to set up the entrance to a party. They’re big, flashy, and fun to look at. We love making these large arches for clients, especially when we get to deliver them to the venue. The crew that is there is always in awe of the size of these things!

If you think we can bring some joy to your event with one of these arches, then reach out to us and we’ll talk about some of our more popular options!

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