Sophisticated surroundings need an elegant, decorated entrance. YTE Events & Balloon Decor have been in many different venues. From blank canvases to grand hotels, our balloon artists can always make the right call for adding subtle decorations to any venue. An organic balloon arch was the perfect decoration for the hotel event. The arch alerted guests to the correct ballroom for the festivities. Nothing is more elegant than simple black and white balloons that don’t take away from the beautiful architecture and décor of the surrounding area. Small balloons tapered down to the large balloons on the floor, creating a flow.

Organic balloon arches are quickly becoming one of YTE Events & Balloon Decor’s number one requests. They are seen all over social media for events ranging from weddings to showers and even corporate events. Balloons in all sizes can be used to create an arch that flows over any entrance, special table, or stage. Organic arches are perfect for wrapping around columns, stairways, and balconies because they can be created to flow with the structures of any space. Bright colors can be used for birthdays and showers while more subdued colors and pearls can be used for weddings or more sophisticated events. The possibilities are endless. Contact YTE Events & Balloon Decor to book one of our balloon artists to create a beautiful balloon archway for your event.

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