YTE Events & Balloon Decor have decorated many homes and venues throughout the years, but what many do not realize is we also have many requests to decorate storefronts in malls and standalone stores. Balloon decorations are not limited to birthdays, showers, or large celebration events. Balloons can brighten up any ordinary day and attract people to your event or store. A local Macy’s asked our balloon artists to create a fun and bright balloon display for a recent event in their store. A balloon arch was created within the storefront window, which could be seen from the outside. An arch was the perfect solution because it was lightweight and could be moved out of the window if needed. Shoppers loved the bright colors and it attracted them to the sales and events happening in the store.

Balloon arches are great for any event space, even shop windows! Many stores and even car dealerships would benefit from balloon decorations. Not only do they provide some decorations for special events, but also can grab customers attention from the road to lure them into the store or car lot. Balloon decorations would be great for holiday sales as well during Labor Day, Black Friday, and Christmas. Call YTE Events & Balloon Decor today to let our balloon artists create something fun to attract customers to your store!

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