Wolfe painting at event in LakelandWhen you are in the in Face Painting world, few names have as much clout at Nick Wolfe. We at YTE Events are proud to boast that we occasionally have Nick out to paint for us. With his professionalism, talent, and sheer speed, he is a fantastic artist to have on the team.

Here we have Nick painting a guest at corporate event as her brother looks on in amazement. Butterflies, dragons, princesses or puppies, Wolfe face paints all kinds of different items. He even has a brand of face paints named after him. You can see Wolfe Face Paints at many online distributors for professional face paint artists.

If you want the best of the industry at your event, helping to bring smiles to your guests faces, then contact YTE Events and Balloon Decor via our contact form and we will do our best to find the artist best suited for your event.

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