In the last 10 years of experience as Tampa’s premiere event source, we’ve been asked to design various decor pieces and models for a variety of events. Some of our favorites include sculptures for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, our giant heart outline for Valentine’s Day at Oxford Exchange, and so many more. Here’s the link to a few of our favorite sculptures and the ones mentioned above.

We work directly with you to get a genuine feel and understanding for your event. Your goal is our goal. It’s why we have the best quality decor and why we bend over backwards to deliver on our promises. We believe balloon decor doesn’t have to be complicated, especially with our straightforward pricing guide.

It’s easier than you might think to flip your ideas into balloon reality. We’re direct and we’re here to make things as smooth as possible!

Here’s how ideas to balloon sculpture works:

Share your ideas with us (if you need some help coming up with concepts, here are some ideas for you). Nothing is too crazy or too simple. We love a challenge, so don’t hold back. We want to create your exact vision and we’ll do whatever we have to accomplish that. We even have a few Pinterest boards to get your inspiration going.

Balloon Police Officer for Macys parade event(Jonathan Fudge with our policeman at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade)

Next, let us know the parameters and limitations of the building or event space. This will let us know how to scale and size your creation to exactly what works best for the space and your budget.

Car Balloon Sculpture delivery for car auction
Once you and YTEevents decide on a design and direction for your event, we pull together our team of trained professionals to breathe life into the design. At this point you’ve done all you need to do– we take the reins from here. From this point on our balloon artistry team brainstorms and creates your vision with our high quality balloons and materials.

We then work with your scheduled event to set up your decor inside the event space. Our team loves setting up because we love to display our work. We take pride in making your dreams a reality, and we love the design when you do.

Cinderella sculpture and prince charming sculpture for baby shower in front of arch organic tapered decorations over cake table

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