Green, gold, and white organic balloon decor above a table with a blue tablecloth and in front of a window.

What could make a waterside view better? A fun and themed balloon decor piece, of course! For this client’s event, they knew that their decor was going to be placed near the window alongside their tablecloth-draped tables. So, we decided to go with something to accent the colors in the room without hogging too much window space!

With this piece, we started with a white weighted base to hold everything together. Following along a flowing foundation, we added balloons of the colors our client chose: green, gold, and white. We changed up the sizes of the balloons along the decor to create a fun, flowing look to the sculpture! That’s why the white balloons are larger than the green and gold ones. 

The idea with this design was to make some simple and elegant for the event. Some of our clients just need decor that finishes off the look rather than something that acts like a big statement piece. This decor was in the back of the room, opposite the entrance, so it was never going to be a main focal point for the event. 

For this kind of event, since we had the tables there, we also could have gone with balloon bouquets for the tables. These would follow the same color scheme our client laid out and been small enough to not get in the way of those at the table. However, our client wanted to keep things minimalistic, so we just delivered the decor instead. 

What we’re trying to say is that, whether your event needs a grand display or a finishing touch, we’re happy to provide that! All you have to tell us is what we have to do to make your event stand out, and we’ll be there to bring that flair!

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