Large blue and white balloon arch at Amalie Arena in downtown Tampa.

The Stanley Cup: it’s a big deal for hockey fans, especially when the home team is playing in the final round! With all the craziness around COVID-19 this past year, Bolts fans were happy to see their team pushing through the rounds of the postseason and onward to becoming champions. To help cheer on the Bolts, we made this giant balloon arch for Amalie Arena to get everyone excited for the game!

Overall, this balloon arch stood almost fourteen feet tall at its highest point! We usually make arches around eight feet tall, so this project was much bigger than our usual ones! We started with two weighted bases and connected an arch-shaped frame between the two weights. From there, it came down to the long process of tying off balloons across the entire arch. 

Ou color scheme was decided for us: what’s a Bolts balloon arch without the blue and white we all know and love?  For the arrangement, we decided to alternate layers of white and blue balloons. That way, the archway didn’t get lost in the white background of the building when you were walking inside! 

We’ve been working with Amalie Arena for quite a while now, and it’s a blast for us to work with them every time we do! Amalie Arena sees all sorts of fun and exciting events come into its hall, and we love to pair with the arena to bring even more life and joy to those events!

If you want to see how we can liven up your events with balloon arches, then reach out to us and see what we offer as our most popular designs. An arch of this huge size could be part of your events in the near future!

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