Balloon Decor can vary in style, size, color, function, and price. When you are looking for a quote for a balloon arch, the first thing our décor designer will do is ask a few questions to determine what type of arch it is you are looking for. Firstly, is it an air-filled arch? Or is it a helium filled display? One is filled with ambient air that we breathe and does not float. It has to have a structure or framing in order to hold itself up. The other (Helium-filled arch) requires helium and can float as long as there is not anything holding it down. Only the larger balloons float. So, no small balloons need to ever be filled with helium.

How long will a balloon arch last without helium?
An air-filled arch can last up to a month or more! That is a balloon garland without helium. A helium arch will probably last anywhere from 2 to 3 days, depending on the environment and the size of the balloons. If there are additional factors (ribbons, outside placement, temperature changes, rain, etc) then the helium arch may not stay up very long at all. Always ask your balloon decor designer for more specifics on your balloon display.

We’ve taken a two color arch and built it in six different configurations so that you can have an idea of how an arch may vary at an event. Thought these are all blue and white balloon examples, they can certainly be made of any color combination.

Types of Balloon Arches

The Standard Arch (A) will consist of a continuous stacking of four interlocked balloons which are all stacked exactly the same size with the same sized balloons. This is our basic arch and what we quote for most events. These are common at corporate events, weddings, baby showers, and can come in any color you can imagine. Though they can be made with more, most have a maximum of 4 different colors at a time.

The Specialty Arch (B) is a frame based air filled arch which is put together the same as the standard arch. The only difference is that the balloons are all sized to different diameters so that the arch gets a different effect. There are countless ways that a specialty arch can be assembled together, but this photo shows a simple example of how smaller balloons and larger balloons can create a unique effect. These are almost exclusively used for weddings and private social events.

The Frameless Arch (C) is a classification we use for another type of specialty arch. This may or may not have a frame of metal or PVC, but it is distinctively set apart from the specialty arch and the standard arch as it does not use the same stacking technique to create the arch. In this particular example, we’ve used linking balloons to create a frameless 3D box arch. This can be used nearly anywhere, but they look extremely well at children’s birthday parties and at large installation builds.

The Linked Arch (D) is a helium based arch where we use specialty linking balloons to create a wonderfully full display that is only a single balloon in thickness. We actually tie the balloons to each other and repeat this step over and again until we have a beautiful balloon arc. If the linked arch is to be placed outside, then we will also add fishing line or monofilament to the design to stop the balloons from drifting away if something pops. These are especially great when building bouncing arches or when looking to add a little bit more pizzazz while on a budget. It is a nice way to get something unique without the price of the specialty arches. Though these can be anywhere, they are most often seen over dance floors at school proms or at school homecomings.

The String of Pearls Arch (E) is a very common balloon arch in classic décor and consists of numerous helium filled balloons tied from their necks to a monofilament line extending across the room. This can provide a very elegant look to a room, but is also very labor intensive. This can also be modified to include foil balloons as well. Foils, or “Mylar balloons”, can be used to span the space in the same way as the latex balloons in order to offer another style of arch to fill space in a room. This is most often seen at corporate events and it seems places like car dealerships still are in love with this design. Thought the helium designs are slowly phasing out, this is still popular.

An Illusion Balloon Arch (F) is simply a pair of columns which are modified to give the appearance of an arch. They are typically curved inward to suggest the movement of an archway and can have any number of unique or interesting toppers on them as well. This is extremely popular on top of stages, in auditoriums, and when there is a need for an oversized arch without the ceiling clearance.

Sculpted Balloon Arch (NOT PICTURED) is a balloon sculpture built around a standard arch frame. This may be something like a giraffe (on one side) reaching up to the leaves of a tree (on the other side). Something like this is a great option when you are looking to combine the function of an arch with the artistic form of a more intricate sculpture.

Organic Balloon Arch (NOT PICTURED) is really a type of sculpted arch, but gets its own section because it is so popular. What is an organic arch? It is an arch modeled after nature. The balloons are different sizes and change shape over the course of the design. The organic designs have balloon bubbles cascading over themselves and can create an arch, column, partial arch, or can even be used to cover a building. Many of the photos going around have photos with an organic arch with flowers or have an organic garland standing in front of a backdrop or behind a cake table. These are becoming more and more popular for social events and can be seen even in the corporate settings now. It is a super popular party decoration.

We have seen confetti balloons, flowers, and other items added to these organic garlands. We have also seen them completely made out of white balloons with maybe a little touch of chrome gold or confetti added to them. There are so many options when it comes to this style that we love seeing what our clients come up with!

Though there are certainly more types of balloon arches, this is a pretty great overview so that our staff can speak with you more about what exactly you are looking for. Once you know the type of arch you want, you can determine the size of arch and the colors of the arch accordingly.

What about the size of the arch?
Arches can be made to go over tables, in front of doors, or can be placed over roads or other types of entrances. The balloon sizes for arch construction can vary anywhere from 5 inches to 35 inches. There are so many options, that it really does come down to your imagination and the decor designer working to help make your event or party a success. Some events even call for a small display that acts as a photo backdrop for guests. An arch size guide is available from most balloon decorators. At YTE Events and Balloon Decor we suggest a 24 foot arch for single doors, a 32 foot arch for double doors, and a 40 foot balloon arch for the large indoor or outdoor arches that are meant to make a statement.

How much does a balloon arch cost?
Prices can vary based on the size and type of arch you are getting. As a standard rule, most balloon artists price the standard arch pictured above around the $10 – $20 per foot price. If you want to know how many feet your arch is going to be, imagine taking the arch and flattening it on the ground. That will give you a linear foot of the arch. You can also do a simple formula to get close. Multiply the height times 2 and then add the width to get a general estimate. A more in depth discussion of balloon decor prices can be found here.

Adding additional party supplies to a balloon design can help pull things together at your event. Add the same fresh flowers into the balloons as you have on the table and the birthday party can really be elevated. The same goes with a baby shower, wedding, or corporate event.

Outdoor Balloon Displays
If you want to put an arch outside, there will have to be a heavier set of bases, a sturdy rigging, and the technique used to build the arch may change as well. Some companies charge an extra fee for building outside. So, just be sure to ask. It is important to let them know where the arch is going though. If a company shows up prepared to put an arch inside, it is likely they cannot put it up outside. The framing for an indoor arch is much less demanding.

3 Color Balloon Arch Patterns can be seen here. This includes more spiral patterns, specialty patterns you can only make on arches with 3 colors, and some additional elegant balloon decor designs for all you party people looking for a balloon center to create some great central florida balloon decor.

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