Aquatic themed balloon arches made out of blue, teal and purple balloons and topped with various balloon octopus sculptures.

Coral reefs, underwater hideaway, and all the colors they bring…they make great inspiration for balloon decor

We started this underwater delight with two black bases and a curved arch frame. From there, our artists run three spirals of balloons along the length of the archway. These three spirals were made from blue, teal, and purple latex balloons that curved around the entire length of the archway. Overall, this arch was eight feet tall!

To really drive the ocean theme, we also added some extra touches. Many colors of octopi balloon sculptures were added along the arch. We made these by blowing up one large balloon to make up the body of the octopus. Some of the octopi had spots on them from the pattern on the balloon. All of the octopi then had their tentacles added as thin, long balloons that curled back into the archway, where they were secured. 

We also added some seaweed in the form of various green balloons sticking out from the spaces between the archway spirals. Different greens were used to make a pretty visual difference and show that this underwater scene was full of diverse aquatic life!

This archway was interesting to set up since it just barely fit into the space it was going to rest at for the event. We had to be careful not to harm any of our latex sea creatures while we were setting up – these guys are supposed to look lively, not deflated!

One of the great things about Tampa is that we have the bay nearby to give great vistas and inspiration for our balloon decor, and this client thought so too! We were thrilled to deliver an aquatic adventure archway that stood tall and bright that also could bring a smile to everyone’s face!

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