Hope your 5th Birthday is a Splash Sofia!

When it comes to making sure your little mermaid has an amazing birthday party celebration, there is no better way to show you care than with our custom themed yard celebrations. For Sofia’s 5th Birthday we added in cupcakes, stars, flowers, and even a mermaid tail! The accents of balloons in her party colors really added that little bit of icing on her cake too! Sofia was ecstatic about her birthday and enjoyed taking photos with her mermaid tail and balloons in her front yard for her birthday.


The fonts we use for our yard card displays vary and can be customized for nearly any theme. Just let us know what you would like to have for your special greeting and we can put something together specifically for you and your special guest of honor. Whether it involves cupcakes, coffee or just something cool, we are sure to have lawn decorations that can set your event over the top. Let your family, your neighborhood, and any guests know just how special your day is with our yard decorations.


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