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No matter what the special occasion or purpose, balloons can elevate your event with a sense of elegance you cannot get with other types of decoration. We have listed vocabulary below in the effort to give you an idea of the different types of balloon decoration, the terminology associate with the types of decor, and to make our conversations in person or over the phone easier to understand. Some of this is just to clarify what we mean when we say something and some of it is to actually define the balloon company jargon used within our industry. We want to be as clear as possible when building a mental image of what we are describing. So, this is the place we suggest you start if you are interested in some different balloon pieces and not sure what to call them.

small party decorators near me Arches

These magnificent balloon pieces are considered “standard balloon decor” and can come in any range of size. YTE Events and Balloon Decor offers a few standard sizes that are all measured in “linear feet.” When we say “linear feet,” we are referring to the length of the balloon garland that makes up the balloon arch if it were taken down and laid flat along the ground in a straight line. Typical sizes offered are 18 feet, 24 feet, 32 feet, and 40 foot arches.

All of these sizes can be made indoors or outdoors and can be filed with air without the use of helium. We use a balloon pump that inflates the balloons to the exact perfect sizes. When you are planning your event, an arch of balloons is always a show stopper.

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birthday party decoration services Balloon Drops

Whether you are celebrating new years, a corporate achievement, or just want to add a little fun to the dance floor; a balloon drop is the way to go! We have tons of options as far as what we can put in the drops. That’s right! It doesn’t have to be just plain round balloons anymore.

If you want to spice things up and have your drop stand out from others in the area, then ask us about our specialty drops and things that we can do to set you apart with our specialty balloons and prize drops. These nets of balloons allow you to send balloons down to the dance floor at just the right time during your special event for an amazing effect.

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balloon decorators near me Balloon Walls

There are a few different types of balloon walls. We have criss-cross walls, square stack walls, balloon grid walls, and 2-pack balloon walls. All of these different versions accomplish different things and can cost a different amount per square foot. No matter which wall you are interested in, be sure to ask about different options as far as design, function, and build.

We do our best to reach your needs as concisely as possible. So, please let us know if the wall needs to be completely opaque or if there can be a few holes in it. Also, let us know whether it needs to match your logo exactly or if having the correct colors is sufficient enough. All of these extra details allow us to correctly inform you of the pricing and availability options. These make a fantastic birthday party idea when it comes to backdrops and photos.

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party companies near me Ceiling Decor

With our move away from helium, we have gotten very good at utilizing the ceiling whenever possible. We will not ruin your ceiling with thumbtacks or paperclips. We use professional, high quality, industrial-strength magnets with a special coating to prevent scraping or scratching of drop ceilings or metal framing. This, along with many other techniques available in our arsenal of balloon tools, allow us to be the top of the line event  balloon decorators.

Let us do a walk through of your event space to find out just how creative we will need to be for your special event. Whether it is a small birthday party or a large corporate retreat, having a professional balloon decorator tour your event hall can certainly add to the possibilities for your decor options.

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event decorating services near me Centerpieces

Though we typically stay away from making centerpieces due to the time and expense involved, balloon centerpieces can be magnificent pieces of beauty to add to any event. Whether you are looking for elegant beauty or whimsical fun, we can certainly add to your table decor with our one of a kind sculptures. These typically will showcase smaller balloons as to not take up as much space on the table.

They can also have tall pieces to add depth and variety to the room. When you need an event decorating services, we can help with centerpieces as well as tables, linens, and flatware. We can even team up with the local florist to deliver balloon centerpieces that can really wow.

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birthday balloons delivery Columns

We have heard them called towers, balloon trees, or even balloon pillars as well, but in the balloon world we refer to them as columns. These specifically refer to the stacked balloons which form a straight vertical line in space. They can be made to match any theme and can even have foil balloons on top which can be letters, numbers, giant round latex balloons, or even a specialty themed Mylar balloon which depicts a cartoon character or princess themed to your party.

Small party decorators used these often at birthday parties or smaller social events to add themed decor. They can also be used at corporate events to liven up the room. One of our favorite uses are at trade shows where we can line the entire facility with balloon decor for the event.

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event decorators near me dance Floors

As simple as 4 columns positioned on each corner of the dance floor or as complex as a multi-tiered canopy above a star-shaped stage, we can make your next event absolutely astounding with our fantasy dance floors and decorations.

Most often used for school danced like homecoming or prom, the dance floor decorations can also be a fantastic decoration addition to weddings, mitzvahs, or other milestone events. Basically, anywhere with a dance floor can be accented with balloons to add a funtastic effect. For corporate events, we can theme the decor to the event theme or we can theme it to your corporate company colors as well.

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small event decorators near me Sculptures

When you want your event to be above the rest, a sculpture is where it is at. We have made life size sports figures, 8 foot hearts, and have even made a balloon version of the Stanley Cup for the Tampa Bay Lightning. We recently made an 8 foot tall cat in the hat for a baby shower. Anything is possible. Let us know about your event today!

Since we record all of our custom sculptures step by step, we can make them again and again! Most event planners that work with us contact us for this very special bespoke balloon service allows us to be the absolute best balloon decor specialist in Central Florida and the surrounding areas of Tampa, Lakeland, and Orlando. No matter your zip code though, we are able to provide balloon decor with our network of amazing balloon professionals and entertainment services.

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birthday party decorators Topiaries

These have also been called pom-poms. We call them topiaries. They can accent a ceiling, can be placed atop markers which can flank a walkway, and can even be positioned to make a beautiful column. These are fantastic for adding volume and wow to an event with a more limited budget. Don’t let that fool you though. These are elegant pieces can also be made fun and attractive as well.

When you are planning your event, these are often in the list of suggested items as they give a lot of wow! Topiaries can also be hung from the ceiling with fishing line to give a fun and exciting look to the atmosphere of the room. Though mostly made with latex balloons, we can also make them with foil balloons for a unique and fun look for your special day.

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birthday party decorators near me Helium

Before we start, I would love to clarify the “Air vs. Helium” classifications we have for our decorations. As a green company, we firstly would like to inform you as our guests on the site that Helium is a non-renewable, natural resource that the world is quickly losing. As it is vitally important in medical, scientific, and anti-terrorist applications, we have decided to NOT USE HELIUM UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. This means that, whenever possible, we do not offer helium decorations as an option for your event if there is another way to reach your desired effect without the use of this precious gas. Wikipedia even references how balloon releases (that use helium) have even led to human deaths. This dedication has led us to be one of the only companies in all of central Florida which can setup and complete an outdoor 48 foot arch with ease and a wide range of other balloon arrangements without the use of helium.

Likewise, we utilize a helium-free approach to as much of our decorations as possible. So, whether you are getting a balloon delivery, a column, an arch of happy birthday balloons, or a full helium canopy dance floor… We do as much as we can without the use of helium, even for the smaller birthday parties. There are many options for party decorations.

That said, there are still some things we have not yet figured out. So, if you want a cloud buster above your grand opening or a balloon canopy over your dance floor, we may still be pulling out helium tanks. If you are looking for a balloon arch, we can always make that without helium for the sizes under 48 feet. We can also have balloons filled with helium for your standard party balloons arranged in a bouquet if that is what you really want. Thanks for your understanding as we carry out our commitment to the protection of our planet’s natural resources.

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Different types of balloon decorations at a glance for clients wishing to see professional balloon decor ideas

Some of our past clients:

21 facts about balloons

Fact 1: The first balloon arch was made by Treb Heining on July 6, 1979 for Elijah Blue (Cher’s son) for his 3rd birthday and was created using twine and paperclips.

Fact 2: Balloons can lift people into the air with helium. On July 2, 1982 Larry Walters made a 45-minute flight using balloons and a lawn chair. After reaching over 16,000 feet he eventually drifted down and became entangled in power lines where he was able to climb down safely. The flight inspired media attention, movies, imitators, and plenty of laws against it in the future.

Fact 3: People have gotten really creative with inflating balloons. Though hand pumps and electric inflators are most common, some have learned to inflate balloons with their nose and even their ear! Jonathan Fudge created a balloon dog through Cory Watts face on the 10th season of America’s Got Talent by reverse inflating and then standard inflating a 160 sized balloon.

Fact 4: Balloon Twisters can be fast. Jonathan Fudge competed in the speed competition during Twist and Shout 2008 where he created 33 balloon dogs in 3 minutes.

Fact 5: A 5″ helium balloon will not fly due to the fact that the weight of the balloon is greater than the volume of the air which can be displaced by helium. In actuality, it CAN fly, but only for about 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the color of the balloon. When it comes to the math on this one, the composition of the colors matter in the length of float time for the balloons.

Fact 6: Hydrogen was one of the first gasses used to have balloons float. However, in 1922, someone introduced them to a flame and the entire balloon show exploded. We now use helium as it does not explode when exposed to a flame.

Fact 7: Globophobia is the term used when someone is scared of balloons. If someone is just scared of a loud sound, that is called phonophobia.

Fact 8: Balloons are associated with fun and relaxation for more than just balloon company marketing. It is actually been proven that psychological interpretations of round, circle, globes, and fun colors all contribute to us finding balloons positive for the human psyche. Just remember all those positive phrases like “circle of friends”, “circle of influence”, “inner circle”, etc. The shape and color actually makes us feel better when we are around balloons.

Fact 9: Fashion has adopted the balloon! In 2007 China had its first ever balloon fashion show where all the runway models had dresses made of twisted balloons. Later, in 2008, the United States held their first fashion show in Las Vegas at Diamond Jam 2008 at the Orleans Hotel.

Fact 10: The modern balloon is ascribed to Michael Faraday, a professor in Queen’s University in London who developed the process of vulcanization which allowed him to cure rubber in a way that allowed him to create balloons by combining two sheets of rubber with a wooden mallet. The long narrow balloons have been attributed to Neilie Tylotson in 1931.

Fact 11: Helium balloons can last anywhere from a few hours to multiple days depending on their size and shape. Air filled latex balloons can last up to a month or more in displays and foil balloon displays have been known to last up to a year or more!

Fact 12: Modern balloons are made of latex, a plant resin from rubber trees and is completely biodegradable. In addition to latex balloons, there are foil balloons and even brands of non-latex varieties that are used in special cases made of either chloroprene, vinyl film, or even plastics. Due to environmental concerns, these are used as a last resort by most balloon decor professionals.

Fact 13: A balloon decorator is someone which creates balloon displays typically out of round balloons. They can also use non-rounds, foils, modeling balloons, or other unique items.

Fact 14: Balloon decorators use both helium-filled and air-filled balloons to create their amazing displays for parties and events.

Fact 15: The most common type of decor is the balloon arch, though other popular items are columns, bouquets, walls, and centerpieces.

Fact 16: Balloon arches are made by attaching balloons to a frame of metal, PVC, or twine and can be built in most cases without the use of helium. There are many different types of ways which have been used to frame or add structure by balloon decor professionals.

Fact 17: Balloon decor can be used for both indoor and outdoor events, though the longevity of the balloons is increased when not exposed to heat, humidity, or wind.

Fact 18: Balloon decor can be customized to fit the theme of any event. If can be made to look like anything from flowers to animals to an abstract piece of art.

Fact 19: Balloon Decor can transform an event space from mundane and boring to extravagant and awesome. It can be used to create a festive atmosphere at any event and is an affordable way to add excitement and decoration.

Fact 20: The pop sound created when a balloon bursts is from the latex contracting quickly and creating a sound wave which we can hear.

Fact 21: The word “Balloon” is likely from the French word ‘pallone’ meaning ‘large ball’.

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Common Questions

What type of balloon decor do you offer? 

We offer nearly anything made out of balloons. Since our team trains balloon artists from all over the world, we are at the cutting edge of balloon decor designs and techniques and are able to make nearly anything of balloons.

What is the process for ordering balloon decor? 

Once you complete an event request form at https://YTEevents.com/contact/decor then we are able to reply with our common pricing guide. Once we know what you want, we will send you a quote which you can approve online. Once the deposit is paid, you are on the calendar and we are good to go. We will set up a specific time for delivery of your balloon decorations and then we will also set up a breakdown or strike time for your decor as well. Once we have all that established, there is nothing else to worry about. We take care of the rest!

How far in advanced to I need to order balloon decor? 

In most cases, the earlier the better. Since there have been issues getting balloons delivered from some of the manufacturers, it is important to book your event decor early. We suggest a minimum of two weeks, but have been trying to encourage clients to book at least 2 months out whenever possible. Even last minute events can occasionally be accommodated with stock on hand, but options will be limited.

What is the price range for balloon decoration services? 

Prices vary based on what your are ordering, the specifics related to delivery times and the delivery vehicle, and even the time of day or night when we need to deliver. That said, most of our clients are purchasing decor packages in the ranges of $500 – $5,000 each. Some have purchased packages in the $20,000 – $50,000 range, but that is by no means the every day order.

Do you offer any discounts on balloon decor? 

We certainly do! If you are not a member of our email list, it is really important to be a part of that list in order to get all the latest deals and discounts sent directly to your inbox. When we have a new technique we want to try or when we have an excess of staff in the office looking for work, we often will offer a flash discount or sale of balloon decor as well. So, you never know when you might luck out and get something at a super bargain!

What is included in the price of balloon decor? 

With all of our balloon decor packages, we include the balloons and materials made to create your design and we also include free rental of most of the equipment used to keep your design in place. We also will charge for delivery, staging, setup, strike, breakdown, and cleanup. However, we mush all these into two separate line items of “delivery” and “breakdown”. Each of those two line items include all of the additional services related to them. We do this to keep things simple while pricing events and so that you are not caught with any additional fees afterwards.

Do you have any photos of your previous work? 

We certainly do! You can see a ton of our photos in the balloon decor galleries. We also have included a few of our favorites below.

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How long will the balloon decor last? 

Balloon decor will last various amounts of time based on what exactly it is and where it is located. As a general rule, helium is only expected to last for a single day. Air-filled latex can last up to 24 hours outside and up to 3 weeks indoors. Foil balloons have a slightly longer life span outdoors and can survive as much as a year indoors with the correct conditions.

How much will it cost?

The average cost of a professional balloon decorator is $500 – $5,000 and could potentially be more if you are having a larger event.
The average cost of a balloon arch is $250 – $500.
The average cost of a balloon bouquet is $75 – $225.
The average cost of a balloon column is $125 – $250.
The average cost of a balloon drop is $750 – $5,000.
The average cost of a balloon garland is $200 – $750.
The average cost of a balloon sculpture is $200 – $1200.
The average cost of a balloon wall is $375 – $2,500.
The average cost of a custom balloon design is $225 – $5,000.
The average cost of a balloon release is $500 – $1,500, but most balloon decorators will no longer do releases due to environmental concerns.

How many balloons will be used?

As we care very much about the environment, we try to use as few balloons as we need to in order to accomplish the look of the event you are going for. This can mean that we are using 10 large 3 foot helium balloons on custom ribbons or we might use a collection of 50,000 balloons for a themed walk-through venue install where we re-create a whimsical location out of balloons. Some of the standardized balloon sculptures are as follows:

A standard 5 foot column takes 37 balloons.
A standard 20 foot balloon arch takes 156 balloons.
A Standard 7 balloon bouquet can take 17 balloons once you include the base.

How big will the balloons be? 

The larger the balloons are, the longer their life will be in most cases. So, we try to use larger balloons whenever we can. Even when we have smaller balloons in a display, we are often using the larger sizes of balloons, but with less air in them so that they appear smaller. This helps with longevity and quality of the final product.

How will the balloons be arranged? 

We arrange our balloons in all types of ways. Sometimes we do something classic where the balloons are lined up in even rows. Sometimes we go more organic where the balloons seem to be in all kinds of different locations and sizes with no real patterns. Sometimes we even arrange the balloons so that they make shapes or sculptures. You might have a heart, someone’s name, or even a company logo made out balloons.

Who is the target market for your balloon decor business?

Our target market is not set in stone, but we often are doing balloon decor for corporate clients or for events where theming and consistency are important. We run our company professionally and have tremendous skill at what we do. So, when you are wanting quality that you can trust, we are the go-to company for all things related to balloon decor. (And even event entertainment.)

Who are your main competitors in the balloon community?

When it comes to custom balloon decor and arrangements, no one can match our level of knowledge or experience in the industry. We have installed in more locations, overcome more rigging challenges, and have solved more problems than anyone else that does what we do. Because of that, our bag of tricks and techniques is huge and we are able to solve nearly any problem that may arise. That takes any headache or stress off our clients and makes us super easy to work with. Anyone that might otherwise be considered our competitor is actually on our team. When we need a dress made of balloons, we hire the best in the industry. When we need a sculpture made completely of foils, we know who to use for that too. When we have an installation for a stadium that hangs from the catwalks, we have you covered there too. If you’re looking for something that somehow we don’t do, we are more than happy to let you know and to point you in the direction of the best we know.

Who are the top balloon decorators in the country? 

There are many talented balloon decorators all across the country, but the top cutting-edge decorators are typically teaching at the industry conventions. Jonathan Fudge who works with us has been teaching at Balloon Boss Summit for over 4 years now and has also taught at Twist and Shout, Diamond Jam, Southeast Clown Association, Kapital Kidvention, The Balloon Workshop, The Fellowship of Christian Magicians, and many other industry related conventions as well. We take pride in knowing that one of our top artists is out there training and sharing with others from all over the world.

Who taught you how to do balloons? 

Our lead designer, Jonathan Fudge, was taught by Linda Kiss who is a long-time award winning balloon decorator and who has taught other balloon artists from all over the world. Additionally, Jonathan has taken continuing education classes at many of the top balloon decor conventions such as FLOAT, World Balloon, Ballooniversity and many others. When it comes to balloon education, few can match or even get close to the amount of classes or hours Jonathan has put into his education and continued learning.

What occasions do people use balloon decor for?

There are so many places where balloon decor can be used. We have done pieces for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, trade shows, and even funerals. There is no event too big or too small that would not benefit from a little added balloon decoration.

Where do you get your balloon decorating supplies?

Balloon supplies used to be easier to get and we would grab everything we needed from a single supplier. Nowadays we are having to search and source balloons and other materials from all over the world in some cases for specific items we may need for decorating at events. We do our absolute best to order as locally as possible to help limit any negative footprint on the environment we may cause. We start locally and work our way out as needed.

Where does one learn to decorate with balloons?

We had our staff attend a paid workshop to learn the basics and then we teach most of them in house afterward with knowledge and skills Jonathan has picked up from various balloon conventions and trainings from across his travels. If you wanted to learn some basics, you could attend a convention like Ballooniversity or could even try finding a video on YouTube or TikTok with varying success.

Where do you find inspiration for balloon decor?

We love pulling inspiration from other event-related industries, the world of art, and even from some of those otherwise crazy patterns on the floors of hotels. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but we especially love when we get to pull ideas and designs from outside the world of balloons. That tends to give us the most unique and beautiful designs.

How many balloons should be in a bunch? 

This really depends on what you are building. We like to see bouquets of 3, 7, 9, or 21 balloons as they tend to look visually appealing.

Can you make balloon centerpieces without helium?

You can! In fact, we prefer to make our centerpieces without helium.

When did balloons become so popular?

Whether is was in 1976 for Elijah’s birthday celebration (check out our facts above!) or later, there is no denying that balloons have become more and more popular in recent years. We think balloons are just fun and exciting on their own. So, it only makes sense that people want to have more balloons around.

What is classic balloon decor?

Classic decor is a term used within the industry to describe some of the first designs ever created of balloons for decorations. These include bouquets, columns, arches, and centerpieces. Specifically, these are ones which use consistent and equal sizing for each of the balloons in the design. The newer designs with different sized balloons would be considered ‘organic’ balloon decor and would not fit into the same category. Similarly, anything that is a sculpture would not be considered classic either.

What is the attraction of organic balloon decor?

That is a great question. Many long-time decorators do not know what the draw to organic designs are from. We think it is because it is different and allows for so many more combinations and ideas that just were not working in some of the classic balloon designs.

What are some of the unique balloon decoration ideas?

We love unique things with balloons. Some of our favorites are adding balloon decor to poles of outdoor tents, decorating the drop ceilings in an office complex, or even building giant sculptures out of balloons for parade routes or festivals.

How would I find balloon decoration services near me?

Well, if you live in Central Florida we are available for you to hire directly. So, that makes things really easy. If you are elsewhere, we also have tons of connections and partnerships with balloon decorators all over the United States and Canada which we would be able to get you in contact with for your event. Even better, we know which of those artists are continuing their education and learning more. So, we can help you find people who are most qualified for decorating your event space.

Do you offer delivery 7 days a week?

We absolutely can make a day delivery at any time and on any day of the week. As any event planner or wedding planner would know, events happy at all times and on every day of the year. There is no day off for event decor or entertainment. So, we are always ready with someone able to help build and deliver your custom balloon sculpture. Birthday party decorators tend to work more on the weekends. Wedding decorators work the weekends and through holidays. Corporate event planners tend to work during the week days. We work all of those events, and more. So, we are always available to deliver whether you’re looking for a balloon teddy bear or a full themed set of balloon event decorations.

Where can I see balloon decor near me?

You can find party companies and birthday party decorators almost anywhere. To find balloon decorations for birthday parties or balloon decoration deliveries near you, you will need to attend some birthday parties. That helps if you have children and are going to more of these types of events. However, you can also see balloon decor at corporate events, fairs, festivals, or even at your local Home Depot or Lowes as they often will have balloon decor up and decorating their floor to highlight sales and promotions.

What types of corporate clients hire a professional balloon decorator?

We have been hired for corporate trade shows, grand openings, awards banquets, galas, customer appreciation events, fundraisers, and even employee appreciation days. Human resources (HR) absolutely loves us as we can take the hassle of them decorating themselves and we can also provide entertainment for their events on occasion as well.

What if I’m just looking for small event decorators near me?

We can deliver for any occasion, big or small. So, if you just want birthday balloons for delivery or if you want something simple for your small event, we can help. We actually have a small team that loves to focus on themed birthday decoration services. So, it might be right up their alley for small event decor. Just give us a call or complete our request form for a free quote.

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