Face Painters for your next Party or Event

Hire a Face Painter for your birthday party

YTE Events is honored to have some of the best face painters for hire in Tampa. They are talented, fast, and entertaining. This combination makes our face painters fun and a great way to put smiles on the faces of your guests.

Our professional birthday party face painters show up to your event professionally dressed and on time ready to create beautiful paintings that will leave guest smiling throughout the entire event. So, whether you are just looking for something for the children to do or you are looking to completely transform your event space with walking characters, our face painters are sure to help add to the fun.

Artistic, insured, reliable, and gentle with the children, our painters work individually with each attendee to make sure they look fabulous with their very own unique artistic faces. Using the highest quality and professional hypoallergenic face painting supplies, you will not have to worry about seeing possibly dangerous paints like acrylic or enamel. We take a safety-first approach to all our entertainment.

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Face Painting Services

When you are looking to find a face painter for your kids party, you want to make sure you find a face painter near you who is able to offer the services relevant to your needs. We have the best face painters which can do full faces, half faces, or cheek art. Starting with the type of service you are looking for, we will find the best face painters near your event. All of our artists attend tons of parties and events every year and are very familiar with how to work equally at a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate event.

Some different services face painters are able to provide include traditional face painting, body painting, glitter tattoos, airbrushing, and some even specialize in things like belly painting (for expecting mothers). Upon request, some artists are able to include glitter or other add-ons that make things even more fun.

How many faces can a face painter do per hour?

Face Painters aim to accomplish 15-20 completed faces per hour. Face painting varies in complexity and can allow a single person with a very elaborate painting or up to 60 with only nose and whiskers painted. Counter-intuitively, the full-face designs are sometimes much quicker than the more detailed cheek art designs.

If we have an accurate estimate of how many guests will be at your event, we can put together a package that is appropriate for you and your guests.

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Do face painters twist balloons too?

Fun Eye Swirl Face Paint from Miss Kara at one of her events in Tampa

Though some face painters can do balloon twisting or other types of kids party entertainment, most clients get a bigger bang for their buck by focusing on a highly skilled professional that masters a single type of entertainment. A face painter cannot paint face art and twist balloons at the same time. If both are needed, it is suggested to hire two separate entertainers. If you are looking for a single person, sometimes variety clown entertainment may be a better fit for your event.

For instance, if you are hiring a face painter for one hour and a balloon artist for one hour, it ends up being the same price as having a single person for two hours. The only difference is that the single person is losing as much as 30 minutes switching out supplies during the event. This takes away from your guests receiving a painted face or a balloon. Often the quality of work must lower drastically so that everyone is reached in time.

Another unfortunate side effect is that most dual entertainers have a specialty. So, you may have one type of entertainment be awesome and the other be less so.

How Much is a Face Painter?

Rates vary slightly based on location, date, and time. Most professional face painters have rates starting at $150/hour and more advanced face painters with longer lists of credentials can be closer to $250/hour. There are many hobbyists and beginners available in the $75 – $125 price range as well. As there is an often-significant setup time, some artists request a two-hour minimum.

YTE Events and Balloon Decor provides face painters at $150/hour and most request a two-hour minimum. We also have advanced face painters that we are able to offer at $175/hour. For a full list of prices with our most requested entertainment options, fill out our event request form and our office will email you a document with most pricing questions answered.

We do have an article that goes slightly more in depth on face painting costs and rates if you prefer to learn more.

Can a Face Painter match my theme?

Face painting artists love to match themes for events. A custom menu board is not uncommon for someone that does face painting for a  birthday party, especially for a corporate event, sports team, or a themed birthday party. Just make sure that the face painter knows ahead of time about your theme and your request for a custom menu. Many companies can accommodate with enough notice.

We have a few face painters on our team that absolutely LOVE to make custom face painting menu boards for events. So, whether it is a Star Wars theme, a princess gathering, or a bunch of superheroes… We would love to help add some themed face paint options for you. Some will even bring related glitter tattoos to add to the designs if they have them in stock. That said, many party hosts enjoy the flexibility of an artist being able to paint nearly anything the child requests.

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Do you offer special rates for non-profits and fundraisers?

We occasionally offer discounted rates for organizations, depending on our availability and the time of the event. We can rarely offer them on Saturdays though, since that is when we are in highest demand. Each year, we select a few like-minded organizations that have hired us in the past to receive free or discounted services throughout the year. We love sending out our artists to these special events to do some charity face painting for kids.

If you would like to be considered, please contact our main office. You can do so via phone or contact form.

Do you have a face painter near me?

We offer party entertainment all over Tampa Florida and the Central Florida corridor. That includes Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, Lakeland, and Orlando. So, there are definitely face painters near you and on our team if you are anywhere near those cities or locations, then we can certainly help you! Once you request a free quote, we will shoot over our prices for services and be available to speak to you more on your party entertainment needs. At that time, we can cover any questions related to costs, how many artists you may need, or how long you may need them at your event.

Do your Face Painters travel?

We certainly do! In most cases, we are not traveling that far. We have high quality premium face painters based all over Central Florida. Feel free to look over our most common service areas if you have any questions about ability to provide a face painter for your children’s party or event. If you are looking to have our face painters go further, just let us know. On rare occasions we have had artists fly out to do events for special occasions as well.

Are you available for my event?

We might be! Fill out the event request form and let us know some details and we will be back with you shortly via email with availability, pricing, and a few additional party or event options in case you are looking for something more.

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Are “non-toxic” paints safe for Face Painting?

Just because something says it is non-toxic does not mean that it is safe for face painting. Many paints that are safe to ingest in small quantities are not safe for the skin and may still cause rashes or irritations. Children’s skin is often more sensitive to irritants and there may be a negative reaction. An especially bad face paint option would be acrylic paint, which should not be used on the skin at all. Our face paint kits contain only the safest and professionally standard items. In most cases, it is actually a high-end make-up brand that our artists are using to paint on faces. It is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and anti-microbial.

What face paints are safe for the skin?

Professional grade face and body art paints are best. Typically water-based, there are also alcohol based and latex body paint. Latex paint is typically avoided due to latex allergies and water-based is the most common type of paint used. Either way, you want to focus on non-toxic, FDA approved, hypoallergenic face paints made specifically for face painting. The best face paints are made similarly to makeup. These high quality makeups are actually what is used for face painting at the party.

Do Face Paints Stain Clothes?

Most professional water-based paints will easily come out of clothes with soapy water. Because of the high pigment content, some colors may stain certain fabrics. Here are a few tips on how to remove a face painting stain from clothing:

  1.  Wet the stained area of clothing
  2.  Rub vegetable oil / glycerin soap into it
  3.  Stretch the area tight and run under fast flowing cold water
  4.  Once the stain is gone, you can wash as normal

What are the most popular face painting designs?

Face painters are at parties and events all day, so they get a lot of requests. Even with a menu board, there are some designs that stand out from others. Our list of most popular face paint designs include:

  • Spiderman
  • Dragon
  • Snake
  • Dinosaur
  • Unicorn
  • Tiger
  • Butterfly
  • Unicorn
  • Pirate
  • Tribal
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Spider
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