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Have your guests experience the magic of your event with a strolling magician that specializes in family friendly close up magic. Our magicians have been featured in the pages of Magic The Magazine, an industry leader and largest magic related magazine available in the world. Many of them have also won awards, attended magic conventions / lectures, and have grown to become experts in their field of study. Ask today whether we can get a magician that is right for you!

What makes an amazing Magician?
A great magician is one who can captivate and amaze you. They make you feel like they are in complete control of the situation, and they make you believe that anything is possible. You want to be amazed, surprised, and delighted by your performer.

How to get the best performer for your event?

When choosing a magician for your event or party, there are many things to consider: how much experience does your magician have? How well do they know their audience? Are they able to read people’s reactions and adjust accordingly? Do they have incredible costumes and props? Will everyone enjoy the performance equally or will some people be bored while others are mesmerized? Are they the correct type of performer for this type of event?

What type of performance is best?

There are many different types of performances that can be offered as part of the service. It really does depend on the type of magician you are looking for and the type of event they will be performing at. We will get into more detail below.

Different Types of events for Magicians

Magicians are the perfect entertainment for any event! Whether you’re looking to entertain kids at your next birthday party, or you need a wedding magician for your special day, we can help. Here are a few different event types to help guide you toward hiring the correct kind of magician.

Children’s Magic shows and Family Events

We’ve performed for kids of all ages, from elementary schoolers to young adults. Whether you want us to perform at an assembly or a special event like a graduation party, our talented performers will keep your guests laughing, smiling, and celebrating all night long. Expect this performer to be clean cut, enthusiastic, and sometimes doubling as a comedian. We get a lot of birthday party magic show requests. Often they are hired along with other types of party entertainment too. When you want to find the perfect fit, sometimes it takes a little creativity.

Wedding Magicians

If you’re looking for something different for your wedding reception or vow renewal ceremony, why not hire a magician? Our artists perform at weddings all over the country—and they’ll make sure your guests have a good time while helping the two of you remember this day forever. These magicians will typically wear formal attire and shine best at the reception or cocktail hour of your event. They have a little bit more of the corporate magician feel, but would have experience working weddings specifically. When you hire a wedding magician, you are getting a someone that knows weddings inside and out.

Magic at Private Parties and Events

We have over 20 years of experience entertaining people at all kinds of private parties and events, from birthdays to bar mitzvahs, weddings to retirement parties. We can help you surprise your guests with a special appearance by one of our magicians that will leave them speechless! Magic for these categories would include customizations based on the audience, theme, and the type of shows. It could be a strolling magician or a sit down show. There are many party ideas with different fees based on each of the unique needs of the performer.

Corporate Magicians

Our corporate magicians are trained to perform at events of all kinds, from company retreats and holiday parties to trade shows and conventions. They’ll dazzle your guests with their sleight of hand, card tricks, and mind-reading skills. Corporate entertainers are skilled at entertaining adults and some do strolling while others do full on shows. Trade show magicians can even learn your sales pitch and create custom magic effects to help sell your products or services.

Virtual Magic Shows and Online Events

If you want to do something truly unique? Our virtual magic shows are perfect for online events like webinars! These artists can do things on the zoom meetings that can be fun for everyone. Typically mentalists and close up artists are great for this, but it takes a specific type of performer to pull it off effectively. They do everything they can to make it feel like you see magic live right on screen. We find the right magician to provide a virtual show in the best way possible.

There are Different Types of magic Performances

Magic is a fun and exciting performance art, and we have many different types of magic shows for you to choose from. We do all the legwork in finding the best entertainers for your event so that you have the perfect magician for your event. During the booking process, we consider all the types of magicians so that we can find you the ideal entertainment option.

Strolling Magic

Strolling magic is one of the most popular types of magic acts, as it allows talented entertainers to walk around and interact with your audience. This type of performance is perfect for events like weddings or other social gatherings that may require more than one magician but want them to move around the room and interact with guests instead of staying stationary on stage.

Close Up Magic Show

Close-up magic is another type of performance that is great for smaller spaces. Close Up magic is an intimate experience that allows the audience to be close to the magician while they perform their tricks. This kind of show can be done in smaller spaces like bars or restaurants as well as larger ones like theaters and convention centers. Sometimes this can also be table magic where the performer stands at a table and does all their effects in a single location.

Stand Up Magic

A Stand Up Magic Show is one where the magician stays in place on stage throughout their performance instead of moving around like they would during a strolling show. The audience should be able to see everything clearly at all times so that nothing gets missed by anyone who’s watching! This type of show will often have multiple tricks going on at once so it may take longer than other types – but trust us when we say that it’s worth every second!

Magic Stage Show

This is a more traditional style where the magician stands on stage and performs their tricks in front of a large audience. There are sometimes technical needs, the magician may have use of assistants  and there may be additional props needed to complete their act. These range anywhere from backyard performers to world class stage acts.

Mentalism / Mind Reading magic Show

We also offer mentalism or mind reading shows, which are perfect for corporate events or private parties. Many clients like the mentalism show as it does really well for only adults. These are usually not great for children as the acts often require remembering a number or piece of information. Sometimes these are also comedy magicians. There are also some very serious ones as well.

Kids magic Shows

Our kids magic shows are entertaining for all ages! If you have an upcoming event or need entertainment for kids shows, a magician that specializes in kids parties could be a good fit for your guests to have a great time. Not every magician is great with children. We vet them and find the best party magicians able to do your local magic show for children. This saves you on travel costs and can lower the hire prices of the magicians that are specifically kid magicians.

Have your guests experience the amazing magic of your event with a strolling magician that specializes in family friendly close up magic. Our magicians have been featured in the pages of Magic The Magazine, an industry leader and largest magic related magazine available in the world. Many of them have also won awards, attended magic conventions / lectures, and have grown to become experts in their field of study. Ask today whether we can get a magician for hire that is right for you!

If you would like to book a magician for your next event, please fill out our contact form for more information.

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