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Stage Decor

Showcase stage decorations for tampa school

Stage Decorations
Whether it’s a birthday party or a private event, a stage front decoration is important to let your guest know where they should focus their attention on at a venue. For a birthday party, having a nicely set-up decoration at your cake-cutting table is great as cake-cutting ceremony is the time when guest starts taking photos! For private event with a stage, having balloon decoration is a cheaper alternative yet special, as compared to having plants at the stage front.

Depending on the event venue and the type of event, we are able to customize the balloons according to your needs! Simply contact our friendly sales assistant to find out more about how we can create an eye-catching and memorable balloon decoration for your event!

2017 09 24 09.07.15

Oxford Exchange 5th Anniversary Celebration

Posted on
The Oxford Exchange in downtown Tampa wanted to go BIG for their 5th anniversary celebration and reached out to YTE Events & Balloon Decor to create something that announced to…
20th anniversarry for Tampa Bay Rays with logo balloon garland over DJ table

Rays 20th Anniversary Stage Decorations

Posted on
For the 20th anniversary, the Rays wanted to decorate the stage in the Draft Room in a special way. So, we decided to add a few balloons and to post…
Sprint Stage with balloon columns

Sprint Stage Decorations from Corporate Event

Posted on
When it comes to stage decorations, columns make a great addition when the impact is meant to be minimal, but fun. Here we see that Sprint used the columns to…
2019 01 26 15.46.53 1

Balloon Firework Show!

Posted on
While fireworks are a great for a number of events, they are quite limiting. YTE Events & Balloon Decor has the perfect solution for bringing fireworks into any gathering…even indoors!…
Balloon Stage Decor for Gaither High School Showcase organic white and blue school colors

Stage Decor For Gaither High School

Posted on
A Performance Showcase Stage Decoration Receive my FREE quote now! The performing arts are an important and fun part of education. At Gaither High School, their group Showcase performs at…

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