No idea is too big or too small for us. If balloon streamers and silver accents are your thing, we got it handled.

Pictured in today’s post is our simple balloon display from Gaither High School’s 2019 talent showcase. We are honored to be a part of our local community in the way we serve best, and we love that our community chooses us as much as we choose them! It’s always a joy to work beside neighbors and friends.

Gaither High School contacts us every year to handle the decorations for their end of year high school showcase and we we love to offer unique decor for them. Every year we change it up and do something new and different so that they have a great experience. This particular year we focused on hanging garlands of balloons on either end and we think it turned out fantastic!

Gaither High School Stage Decorations Linking Garland and Columns 2019 Showcase
We don’t want to steal your show– we can be the frame for your event and help your audience piece together the picture you’ve put together for them. We want to come alongside you to help tell the story of your event and what makes it so individual. That’s why each display is original– we care about creating a unique experience and doing a job that meets the highest standards.

With stage decorations, it is all about making what is on stage important without taking up much floor space. That allows for more people to be able to access their places on stage while still giving that gigantic wow-factor to those watching from the audience. Taking the decorations to the ceiling, we have eliminated any issues with space on stage and gave the students much more room to walk and get around on stage.

In the back you may notice the year conveniently placed between GHS and Showcase so that it reads “GHS 2019 Showcase.” That was on purpose and we think makes for a fantastic framing opportunity for the stage. This was accomplished with a helium arch in the back of the stage that also added to the decor. With the columns up front, we were able to tie in some of the silver color and extend the decor to the farther reaches of the stage, making for a greater impact on the audience watching the event.

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