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Homecoming Balloon Decor

The season is finally here, of pumpkin-flavored lattes and high school homecomings! Streamers, posters, and confetti can never go wrong as old-school classics, but YTE Events and Balloon Decor can help your school event graduate to serious shindig status. Whatever your theme, and whatever your budget, let our talented and friendly artists work with you to tailor-create balloon arches, columns, centerpieces, and sculptures that will blow everyone away.

Our balloon arches provide an elegant way to make an entrance. They’re also great for hallways, performance stages and photography booths. We can custom create our balloon arches to match your homecoming theme simply by adding foil balloons or by integrating our balloon animal artwork that we are famous for. We can add monkeys and flowers for a Hawaiian luau, Batman and Wonder Woman for a Super Hero theme, or Pikachus and Squirtles for Pokemon. We’re excited to hear your school’s theme!

Rocketship sculpted balloon column for entrance of door Our balloon columns are so impressive, you wouldn’t want to keep these babies in the corner. But you might. Our columns are ideal for sprucing up entryways, dance floor peripheries and centers, and snack and punch bowl areas. These gorgeous wallflowers also bring positive energy to otherwise empty corners. They are similar to the balloon arches; they can also be custom-made featuring your homecoming theme. Balloon columns are also a clever way to landmark your location, especially if it is in a spot that is difficult for your guests to find.

Want a centerpiece that will really pop (figuratively, we hope)? Our balloon centerpieces typically consist of 3,4,7, or 10 balloons. They can be simple, or they can be theme-related. Balloon flower bouquets are arguably better than real flower arrangements. They’re great for focusing attention to key spots and bringing vibrant color to guest tables.

We are extremely proud of our balloon sculptures. We can build life-size school mascots, as well as topiaries, “ice” sculptures, football players, or theme-related sculptures. Whether you’re a Tiger or a Titan, a Bobcat or a Bull, these statement pieces are sure to inspire school pride and outshine your rivals. They are also excellent for photo opps. Whatever you can imagine, we can create. Our sculptures will transform your homecoming from ordinary to extraordinary.

Depending on your venue, we can also hang balloon art from the ceiling. Hearts and stars, snowflakes and icicles, smiley faces and poop emojis, why not? Your guests can get lost in a sea of mermaids and dolphins, tropical birds of paradise, a safari of tigers and zebras. The sky is the limit in our party-planning capabilities.

Schedule an appointment today for a free 30-minute consultation. Our party planning coordinator will discuss your unique ideas and present you with our portfolio of 200+ images of the work we’ve done in the past. We will work around your budget and exceed your expectations. We use high-quality Qualatex balloons to make sturdy sculptures that can withstand the wear and tear of the rowdiest of high school homecomings and the most inclement Florida weather. As part of your package, we will also help to pick up afterwards so that you don’t have to worry about taking down 11-foot arches and dealing with thirty glad bags of inflated balloons. Our balloon artists are the best in the business, and they are as personable as they are talented. Give us a call today and we can get the party pumping. Let Affairs in the Air make your homecoming event an affair to remember.

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