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Corporate Event Entertainment and Balloon Decor

We show up, we are professional, and we do amazing work. At YTE Events and Balloon Decor, we pride ourselves in our professionalism and attention to detail. This translates into pristine event services that are sure to wow any crowd.

Our services fit into many different types of corporate events. Whether you are a car dealership wishing to fill your showroom with balloons or a sports team looking for a unique way to greet your guests with entertainment at the main gate, we can certainly help create the ambiance and atmosphere that will take your event to the next level.

Some of the most common types of corporate events we work include, but are certainly not limited to:

Car Dealerships –
Tampa Budweiser corporate event with beer mug sculpture and balloon column and truck TampaTypically we set up regular, recurring balloon decor in the lobby or showroom for our dealerships. We pride ourselves in our creativity with being able to produce an elegant variety of balloon decor options for our car dealerships. With a mastery of both latex balloon decor and premium foil balloon decor, we are literally able to accomplish just about any theme.

For entertainment at car dealerships, we have had balloon twisters, face painters, magicians, and even caricature artists for the guests as they arrive and enjoy your dealership events. We can put something together for a one-off special event or we can come up with entertainment packages that have weekly entertainers come out to your event.

Grand Openings –
Ice cream shops, new bank locations, and fitness centers are just the start of the types of grand opening events we have worked. We absolutely love to celebrate the beginning of a successful business and all the excitement involved with new ventures. Entertainers for grand openings can include magicians, stilt walkers, jugglers, face painters, or balloon artists. They are great corporate event options and our talented artists are well versed in how to help you look great in front of your new potential clients.

For balloon decor, we offer many grand opening options. The classic arch or columns with red ribbon is always a big hit. We can also create large custom themed decor sculptures that double as photo opportunities and great excuses to get you into the local newspaper.

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Sports Teams –
Sun and Fun balloon decorations for corporate client appreciation event in Lakeland FloridaIn Tampa Bay, we have worked with The Rays Baseball team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and many other amazing sports teams. We have made life sized football players to greet students entering a school football stadium and we have also created gigantic 40 foot indoor arches to greet VIP guests at the 2015 Stanley Cup. For balloon decor, this has meant large arches, balloon columns outside the VIP lounges, and other custom pieces to match the themes.

For entertainment, we have offered balloon twisters for the suite guests for Tampa Bay Lightning and we have also provided weekly entertainment for the Tampa Bay Rays. Whether you are looking for balloon twisters, face painters, caricature artists, stilt walkers, or even dancers we would love to help!

Conventions –
Conventions of all types love balloon decor. When you have so many people in a space with their different logos, banners, and branding it is great to pull everything together with a unifying theme or color which can accent the convention itself.

Trade Shows –
Custom corporate logo balloon sculpture for Macys in Wesley Chapel Florida Snowman sculpture approximately 14 foot tallIf you want your business to stand out, there is no better way than with a vibrant display of balloon decor. With your logo in balloons, you can draw a crowd, create a unique photo opportunity, or just inspire an attitude of excitement and fun as guests are attending your booth and learning about your services.

We have had companies request their logos on balloons, to have their logo built out of balloons, or even to just match their logo colors. We are certainly able to comply and love the creative ways we get to work in brand messaging into the balloon decor.

Entertainment at conventions can be just as fun, if not more so! The magicians can create custom magic routines around your products, the balloon twisters can talk attendees through details of your booth and introduce you to potential clients or to clients you already have using your services. They help entertain convention attendees so that they stick around long enough to speak to one of your representatives.

Corporate Picnics –
Indoor or outdoor corporate events are a great place to include balloon columns or arches. Have a great location that is hard to find? Or do you just want to make sure your employees and guests find your event with ease? Well, balloon columns and arches are the quickest and easiest way to achieve that type of exposure.

Entertainment for corporate picnics is almost a specialty. We are able to provide teams of entertainers that are used to working together and who can do amazing work entertaining your guests and providing high quality entertainment services.

Other Special Events –
Please don’t let us limit your imagination for events and occasions where you can utilize balloon decor. We’ve used it to spice up meetings, decorate next to morning coffee, and even to set the mood for post-week cocktails. Whatever you are looking to achieve, we will be more than happy to consult with you and determine the balloon solution that is best for you.

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