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YTE Events and Balloon Decorating has been around for over 20 years and has tons of experience making unique wedding decor elegant enough for any theme and suitable for any location or budget. Specifically, we can decorated the ceremony location, the reception area, or even the hallway in between offering cocktails while the bride and groom are being photographed. We understand the importance of your very special day and we work diligently to make sure that everything is perfect for you and your spouse to be. The balloons we use to create ambiance at your event is done in such a way as to maintain a sense of unity among your decorations event-wide.

Though our staff is talented and capable of creating nearly anything for an event, some of the most common types of wedding balloon decor include the following:

Balloon Sculptures –
When you are looking for kissing swans, a full blown cinderella carriage, or a full size bride and groom we become the absolute best and sometimes even the only source for high end professional balloon decor. When it comes to what we can make for your event, the sky is no longer the limit. Anything we can imagine, we can make happen.

Specialty Balloon Arch Elegant black and white

Columns –
Elegant columns to line your event can be accented with lace, lights, ivy, flowers, or any other number of things to tie your theme together.

Arches –
Arches look great at entrances, behind the bride and groom, or when used to create a tunnel for the couple to enter through. There are many different types of arches and patterns that can be used to create the mood and atmosphere that is absolutely timeless in its elegance.

Dance Floors –
Give your reception the pop and wow that you are looking for. With a balloon dance floor decoration, you can encourage guests to jump up and dance during your reception.

Themed Decor –
Are you worried about coordinating a color scheme or a specific set of items for a theme? With our balloon decor, we can match nearly anything and will work with you to make your event an absolute success.

Beautiful archway for wedding ceremony

Entryways –
Make it easy for guests to find your event and figure out where to go with decorative balloon entryways that will draw them into your event.

Centerpieces –
Don’t get stuck on flowers with your wedding. Consider unique balloon decor options for your table centerpieces. We can put something together for the head table, the guest tables, or even can decorate a buffet table. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will make sure to help come up with an elegant option just for you and your event.

We’ve done heart archways, kissing swans, Cinderella carriages, teddy bears, and more. Just a
sk to see our 200 plus page of photos in our portfolio and we can meet and discuss what we can do to help make your event a royal success.

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