Blue and white balloon centerpieces with foil balloon toppers for Hudson FL Kostreles event

Looking forward to the coming year is critical to plan out where you want to go. This is true for both us as individuals and for businesses. To liven up the gathering where this took place, we worked with our client to create some balloon centerpieces that focus on what’s really important – forward motion and growth!

In total, we made six of these centerpieces to be spread around the event. Each centerpiece was made with a simple weighted base and frame. Two rows of balloons – one blue and one white – were added around the bottom of the centerpiece. We topped the centerpieces with foil balloons attached to the frame hidden by the latex balloons. The foil balloons were the number of the year to act as a reminder of the focus for the day. We used foil balloons to catch the eye and the light from the room. 

We delivered these centerpieces to the client, who then spread them out through their meeting space. Each centerpiece was about two feet tall – just short enough to not get in the way of the discussions!

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