Blue and white balloon ceiling decor where the white balloons are baseball-patterned.

It’s hard to find a way to enjoy America’s pastime more. When you’re together with friends, family, or coworkers, and you’re enjoying the game from the stands or the couch, it’s hard not to have a good time. But, some folks like to have that little bit extra to turn their events into a home run. To keep the space they were using to watch the game lively, we helped this client make some ceiling decor that really drives that baseball feeling.

This ceiling decor was made with a combination of dark blue, light blue, and white balloons. We had to keep this in theme for the Rays, after all! We tied off the balloons to a central frame, something lightweight and that wouldn’t weigh down too much on the ceiling. We arranged the balloons to get a fun mix of the team’s colors through the decor!

Finally, as an added touch, we made sure the white balloons had a baseball stitch pattern on them. The red from the stitching stands out from the blues in the overall design, so they’re great for catching the eye – all while staying in the baseball theme! 

Adding these little touches to an already great event is part of what we do! This client loved the touches we put into their decor, and the folks that were there enjoying themselves even more seeing this touch added to the space. We can’t wait to see what the client and their imagination have in store for us!

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