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Balloon Walls

We all absolutely love balloon walls here at YTE Events and Balloon Decor. Whether you want to create a shape with your balloon wall and have it border on the side of a sculpture or whether you want to have it completely cover an area or stage, we are sure to get you what you are looking for in a fun and exciting way. We can match colors, themes, and even the size required for your location. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can make it happen.

As far as the types of balloon walls go, there are a few to choose from. Before you make a decision on which wall to go with, you will need to consider the purpose of the wall. Is it a photo opportunity? Is it a backdrop for a stage? Is it there to act as a divider in the room? Does it matter if people can see through the wall? Is it to divide space or to eliminate the ability to see behind it? All of these questions are considered when deciding the types of wall to create.

After determining the types of walls that fit within what you are looking for, we have more questions. Specifically, the size of the wall and the location where it will be set up. It makes a difference if it is indoors or outdoors and also makes a difference if it is 10 feet wide or 100 feet wide. These are all things we take into consideration when building your balloon wall.

Many companies and corporations also request to have their logo placed into the balloon wall. Some sweet 16’s ask to add the name of their princess into the wall. Does the font matter? Is the logo something that should be perfect? Or are you looking to match colors and to just provide a message? All of these answers help to determine the type of logo and wall we would create for your event.

Below you will see a balloon wall which we created for Tampa Bay Metrocon in 2015 where we built an 8 bit version of Super Mario in a 14 foot balloon wall. This was in their vendors area and was prominently displayed as a photo opportunity and showpiece for the convention.

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Whether you are looking for a rainbow wall, a logo wall, or just a great backdrop, our balloon walls are perfect for nearly any event. They are great for photo opportunities, highlighting a stage, or even just for adding to the overall ambiance of a venue.

Check out some of these great balloon walls in the gallery below and let us know if we can create something unique for you and your event. We love creating custom balloon decor, so we welcome any ideas or suggestions. As we are also trained in all the major balloon techniques and are constantly continuing our education to become the best of the best, we feel fully confident that we can build anything you can imagine.

If you find a photo of something you want online, feel free to send it our way. We will be happy to provide you with a quote if you fill out our event request form.

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