Mickey mouse balloon photo booth.

year to see Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney crew. What better way to commemorate those adventures, or to get a taste of them for yourself, than with a photo op with Mickey as the frame?

This balloon sculpture we made was similar to an arch but modified slightly. We based the sculpture on two bases at the bottom of the arch. Using yellow and red balloons for Mickey’s iconic shoes and shorts, we went up the arch with tied balloons. The upper parts of the arch were done with black balloons, the same tone as the mouse himself! Two large balloons at the rounded corners of the arch made for a pair of ears. 

To finished off the sculpture frame, we had to add in some key details. A curtain of red to match the shorts was run across the button third of the arch to complete Mickey’s shorts. White gloves on the black arch finished off Mickey’s arms. The open hands welcome you to take a picture inside the frame!

Standing inside this sculpture, you were sure to get a great Disney memory captured and to be remembered for a while to come!

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