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Balloon Sculptures

By using classic balloon decor’s simplicity, flexibility, and natural ability to transform large spaces into celebrations, we are able to create a broad range of balloon figures for any type of event or client. Balloons give clients the most atmosphere, visual impact, excitement and value for their money. With the added benefit of Deco-Twisting, we are able to extend the versatility of our balloon decor. We can now literally make anything out of balloons.

Sports Teams –
We have made sculptures for the Tampa Bay Rays, The Tampa Bay Lightning, and we have even made balloon decorations for FSU, USF, and UCF colleges as well. Whether you want a custom logo, a mascot character, or an actual sports player standing and made out of balloons to greet the guests, we can assemble that for you and your special event.

Shopping Malls –
Macy’s asks us to put together a lot of different sculptures for them. We provide decor for their Wesley Chapel Macy’s Day Parade, in store promotions, and we even have gotten creative with a few other store events. Because of this, we also have had decor which we put up in other stores of the mall as well. We just choose to highlight Macy’s here because they routinely have us create custom sculptures for their events and love to challenge our creativity and design team.

Rocketship sculpted balloon column for entrance of door

Birthday Parties –
When it comes to custom sculptures, there is no better place than a birthday party! Everyone likes something unique and fun and birthdays are a great way to show off that individuality of the guest of honor. We’ve created themed numbers for younger children and we’ve also created custom centerpieces. The favorite for us is always the giant greeting decoration which greets the guests as they arrive.

Homecomings and Proms –
Just like each of us, schools have their own personalities as well. Many of them desire a customized and unique theme for their event and provide us an opportunity to create specialty sculptured balloon decorations. One of our favorite thus far was a carnival themed prom where we were able to create clown arches, performing elephants, and colorful decor.

Corporate Events –
There are also tons of opportunity for our corporate clients to use this service as well. Whether they are looking to create a logo or just add to a themed event, sculptures can make that fun for the guests. We’ve made hearts for hospitals, breast cancer awareness ribbons for rallies, and we’ve even recreated a CEO on a fishing boat for his personal retirement party.

All in all, we can do nearly anything out of balloons. So, please feel free to send us your ideas and we will be happy to figure out something for your special decorating needs. Feel free to fill out the event request form or give us a call so that we can fulfill your custom balloon decorating needs.

Check out the gallery below to see a few examples of past sculptures which we have created for our clients. You will see tons of balloons we’ve built for Macy’s, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Tampa Bay Lightning teams. You will also see giant balloon hearts, ribbons, giraffes, an Easter egg, and even an FSU spear.

Balloon sculpture for a private pride event.

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Balloon heart for Rays at event photo oppertunity in upper deck

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