Bubbles the Elephant

YTE balloon artists enjoy taking on an elephant-sized challenge! When we were asked to recreate the star of Bubbles and Friends, our team knew we had to go BIG!

A lot of thought went into the creation of the sculpture, before we even inflated the first balloon! We decided to begin with a red base for Bubbles to stand on, which allowed us to give the sculpture a truly unique pose! Balancing on one foot and hands up in excitement, Bubbles looks happy to greet everyone!

On the large balloon that makes the body of the sculpture, you can see the tie that Bubbles is known for, it just wouldn’t be Bubbles without it! Choosing to have details printed on certain balloons truly made the character come to life.

Of course, the most important part of any elephant is the trunk. We finished off the sculpture by adding a long balloon just under the eyes and carefully shaping it to bend in just the right way. By utilizing a majority of round balloons, the long balloons of the trunk and ears stand out and draw attention to the face.

The payoff for all this planning was a lively sculpture that surprised the client, and maybe even ourselves! We love to create balloon sculptures with personality and though some would call designing this sizable sculpture a mammoth undertaking, we enjoyed every minute!

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