One very exciting and growing areas of event entertainment services are digital caricatures. Artists can sketch a caricature By hand using a drawing tablet like the iPad pro and Apple Pencil and immediately print out a copy as well as provide you with a digital version. The technology allows an artist to work quickly and produce an illustrative quality, full color sketch in under 6-10 minutes. woman's caricature curly hair hoop earrings digital caricature in progress digital caricature booth setup

A digital booth looks incredible, innovative and high tech which makes it perfect for any event looking to impress their guests. A live digital artist at heart is really no different than a live traditional artist as both artists draw 100% by hand. The digital medium is just that, another medium. The main difference is that the digital product is in full color and has a high quality illustrative look to it.

Using a live artist whether it’s traditional or digital materials differs from many of the portrait and caricature apps that are out today because a live artist is much more intuitive at reading each guests faces and adding their personality into the sketch. This is something that the apps have yet to succeed in duplicating.

Consider hiring a caricature artist for your next event; birthday, company picnic, festival, wedding, or gala! Let us know how we can help! Caricatures artists double as not only a form of entertainment, but also a favor since your guest will be able to take their portrait home with them as a favor!

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