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Juggling Variety Artist entertainer at event
Entertainment is the life of any event! Make sure your guests have a blast and a time they remember with our awesome entertainment options. With everything from high end specialty variety entertainment all the way down to a party clown, we have you covered.

Some of the top most requested entertainment types are listed below with brief descriptions of what is offered. If you would like more information, some of the categories can be clicked and will take you to a page with more information.

No matter what you are interested in, feel free  to contact us via our event request form. It will go to our offices and someone will be back with you (usually within 6-12 hours) to help find the perfect entertainment for your event. Though we specialize in entertainment for corporate events, we can certainly provide entertainers for social events as well.

If you are an event planner looking for some corporate entertainment ideas, please reach out as we have some corporate party entertainment that is not listed here and even have a list of ever-changing stage shows that are great for nearly any type of corporate event.

If you are looking for party entertainment ideas for a birthday party, a holiday party, a company picnic, or some other milestone of fun then we are also able to help find amazing entertainment options for your event as well. Just give us a call at (813) 310-5900 and we will be happy to help direct you towards entertainment options.



Advanced balloon artist with twisted octopusMaster Balloon Entertainer

Glitter Artist
These semi-permanent pieces of body art are visually stunning and sure to make an impression with your guests. These applied glitter designs are completely safe and are applied with an alcohol based skin-safe glue which makes them resistant to coming off in the water. Glitter Art is great for any event looking for a little extra shine and shimmer. Guys and Gals love them too! Now available in non-glitter flat finish (looking like REAL tattoos).

Face Painter
Caricature Artist
Stilt Walker

Human Statues
Have a themed human statue at your event to interact with your guest and to amaze them with the art of standing still. Our human statues are fantastic at what they do and only move just enough to entertain the party attendees. Don’t stand around. Book a human statue today!

Party DJ
Our Party DJ can come out to your event and make it a blast with your choice of music and some great tunes and fun for everyone. Specializing in party music, they can also include some of your favorites. Just provide a list of some of your top songs and we can provide them at your event. If there is internet access, we can even look up and download songs at your event!

Wedding DJ
For the absolute best in wedding DJs and events! We are able to provide sound for your ceremony, add atmosphere to your cocktail hour, and can add a little kick to your reception. With our DJs, we not only have a phenomenal DJ experience, but we also go out of our way to stay interactive with your guests. That means more people on the dance floor, more photos at your event, and more fun for everyone!


Variety Performer
Skilled in Juggling, Balloons, Stilt Walking, Magic, Diabolo, Crystal Sticks, the Unicycle and tons of other entertaining tools and tricks, our variety performers are great for any event. Able to go as a clown, in a themed costume, or even a tuxedo, they are able to make sure that you have continuous entertainment and fun at your event. Just let us know what set of skills you are looking for and we can help find the perfect fit for your event vision.

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Contact juggler
It is a mixture of magic and juggling. AWESOME to watch. It is the same entertainment provided by the Fushigi commercials if that means anything to you. Our contact juggling artists are the absolute best in the area and we are proud to have them out at events as ambient entertainers or even performing a show.

Robot Character
The high five robot is a hit at any number of events. This amazing robot gives guests high fives and has a counter that displays how many high fives have been received throughout the event.

Poi Spinner
This is a variety ambient entertainment as well that would be similar to the juggler. It looks awesome and can be great fun to watch. If you are unsure, ask for a video so that we can highlight this cool skill!

Hula Hoop Artist
This is not your standard hula hooper. She does tricks and stunts and it always draws a crowd. Everyone has tried to hula hoop. When they see her doing things they have never imagined, it becomes intriguing. If you are looking for something a little bit different, this might be just the thing for you.

Aerialist Performer
Bring the magic of the circus to your event with a real live circus performer. Having a party in your back yard or at an event where there is not a ceiling? Don’t worry! We have a mobile rig that we can setup and use as well!

Airbrush Artist
We are able to make custom logos and symbols that we can airbrush onto guests as they arrive. It can be themed logos, animals, characters, and more.

Princess Meet and Greet

Take your guests on a journey into the mystical world of mermaids with our one-of-a-kind, real live beauties of the sea. Our mermaids have professional movie quality prosthetic grade latex tails. They are fully functional and can be swum in as well. You and your guests are sure to be amazed.

GoGo Dancers
Though not typical at a child’s birthday party, we work tons of events where an ambient dancer is an ideal addition to the atmosphere. We have tons of artists and entertainers in all types of fields and can certainly help find the entertainment that is perfect for you.

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Choreographed Interactions

Whether you are looking for a group dance number or an “impromptu” fight scene, our choreographed interactions are great to add an element of surprise and wonder for nearly any event. Contact us with your concepts and we can work together to help create a masterpiece. These can be as simple as “planned hecklers” or as complex as a 80 pirate versus ninja fight scene.

Luau Shows
Regular Luau Show runs 45 minutes. Dances from Hawaii & Tahiti, New Zealand Poi Balls and the Samoan Fire Knife show. We will cover 4 islands and, of course, we can bring Tori the monkey if it’s ok. Fun audience participation numbers, 4 costume changes. Includes Hawaiian musician for show as well. Guests from even are pulled onto stage, taught to dance and lots of fun.
Fire Performers
Fire can be scaled to whatever you are looking to accomplish. All shows need a minimum of 2 performers and a safety. A single performer can do fire breathing, but it is priced per breath rather than per hour or per show. (Note: In a bigger fire show, fire breathing is usually included as part of the crowd gathering or as part of the finale.)

Strolling interactive characters can always be fun at an event. Our pirates are as genuine as you can get as they routinely perform in reenactment shows across the state. Trained in the art of improv, interactive comedy, and the language of a pirate (but not a sailor), they are sure to be a hit at any event. Pirate shows available as well!

Bubble Shows
He takes specially formulated magic bubble liquid solution and uses it to create all kinds of interesting shapes with bubbles. When you want the absolute best in bubble shows in the Tampa Bay area, Bubbles by Blaise is the only option for a bubble show. No one even gets close in talent, skill, or performance ability. He keeps crowds young and old entertained and amused with all his silly bubble antics.

Ninja Parties
All our ninja are professional martial arts instructors with many years of practice within their arts. They are also background checked and trained in the way of the ninja birthday party. They are family friendly and have all the proper jutsu in teaching kids about the art of ninja. They come dressed in their Ninja uniforms and provide an action packed, high energy, fun and fast paced Ninja experience. Our Ninja team is not only trained in the way of the fist, but also in the way of safe and family friendly fun!

Parkour Instruction
With two different level 2 certified parkour instructors, we also can offer group or private classes in parkour. We have all the equipment needed. This is great for team building, confidence building, and overall it teaches individuals and groups how to creatively overcome any obstacle that may land in their path.

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Martial Arts Instruction
Senior Instructor and 3rd Degree Black Belt Chris Poli is a nationally certified Tae Kwon-Do instructor and has cross trained in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Haganah, Judo, and Capoeira. He has been featured on “America Ninja Warrior” and “Guinness World Records Gone Wild.” Chris is able to teach any age with private or group lessons. He is especially great at parties and events as he teaches in a very dynamic way which allows all guests to be participants.

Tarot Card Reader
Get your fortune told with one of our Tarot Readers and add ambience and fun to your next event.

Photo Booths
Have a photo booth set up at your event and allow your guests to take photos of themselves that they can carry home as souvenirs. Once everyone is done taking photos, we can post the photos online for everyone to see or we can provide them to you in a private album as well. We can custom brand the booth, the photos, and even the watermark on digital photos to reflect your business, brand, or event logo.

With the holidays always around the corner, we are able to provide a real bearded Santa for your party or event. They can do public speaking, photo opportunities, house visits, and can even hand out gifts for you. Just let us know what you are looking to accomplish and we will find the best Santa for your event.

Costume Characters
When it comes to mascots or costume characters for events, we have tons to choose from. Whether you are looking for a face character like a princess or super hero or a mascot character like the Easter Bunny, we are happy to help you hire the best costume characters for your event.

Easter Bunny
It makes a difference having the best looking Easter bunny in town. With our bunny, your children and guests are sure to be excited for photos and meet and greets with the rabbit that makes the difference during this time of year. Book early as our Easter Bunny has a full schedule every year.

Belly Dancers
As we have entertainment options for all types of events, we have also gathered a collection of some of the best belly dancers around. With stunning costumes, props, and training in all types of traditional belly dance, we are able to provide the absolute best in belly dancing entertainment.

Body Artists
Our body artists use paint to cover the body of a model with your logo or a scene for your event. As talented as they are, they can accomplish just about anything. Let us know what you are looking for and we can put something together for you and connect you with the artist most talented in your specific type of body art. We can do neon paints as well so that your models will glow in black light!

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Henna or Mendhi
Our henna artists use actual henna which safely will stain the skin for up to 2 weeks. Rest assured that we are using the absolute safest materials and that you will never get “black henna” from our entertainers. (Black henna is cheaper, but can leave chemical burns on the skin which can last for a lifetime.) Get absolutely the best, most talented, and professional henna artists with us. Call for details.

Letterbrush Artists
Our letter brush artists are phenomenal and mix the art of Chinese calligraphy, painting, and American letters into a piece of art that your guests can take home with them. They can make full names or they can paint the first letter of a name and add the rest of the name in calligraphy. Letterbrush can be done on site for maximum entertainment or pieces can be commissioned separately so that everyone at your event can get a name specifically for them.
Casino Games
Turn your event into a real life casino! Have all the fun with none of the headache. Our casino parties come complete with tables, dealer, and pit boss to make sure everything runs smoothly for you and your guests. We provide fake money for everyone to play with and chips as well. All you need to add are the prizes.

Mariachi Entertainers
Our traditional mariachi players are great for any event! The 4 piece band can stroll from table to table, be set up on stage, or can move from corner to corner. They are beautifully costumed, super talented, and can sing in Spanish and English.

Puppet Shows
Get the best of the best in puppet theater entertainment. With shows big or small, we are able to entertain guests of any age. Let us know your them and number of guests so that we can set up a package just for you!

Our talented unicyclists can entertain your guests, be involved in parades, and can even put on a show for the little ones.

Other Entertainment
We also have other types of entertainment and event options. Please feel free to contact us via our event request form and let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to make sure you get exactly what is needed for your event.

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