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Step into a world of unparalleled entertainment with YTE Events, Tampa’s leading name in event entertainment and balloon decor. Our team, renowned for their professionalism and punctuality, ensures every event is a masterpiece, resonating with memories for years to come.

Discover the Magic of Unforgettable Entertainment Experiences

YTE Events is not just about entertainment; it’s about creating moments. From elegant musical performances to dance parties that ignite the floor, our offerings are diverse, ensuring every event has its unique touch.

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Balloon Twisting

Our skilled balloon artists will create a whimsical wonderland of fun designs, perfect for all ages.

Witness the magic as our balloon artists craft fun, whimsical designs that are a hit among all age groups.

Caricature Drawing

Perfect for weddings, parties, or corporate events, our caricatures are a fun and memorable way to capture the spirit of any occasion.

Have your memories sketched in fun!


From juggling balls to flaming torches, our performers will leave your guests in awe with their gravity-defying tricks and high-energy performances.


Whether you’re looking for a mesmerizing poolside performance, an interactive mermaid meet-and-greet, or a mystical photo-op, our mermaids will make a splash at your event.

Dive into the exciting world of mermaids and get a splash of the magic.


Our talented magicians will leave your guests spellbound with mind-bending illusions, daring feats, and expert sleight of hand.

Experience the impossible with our magicians who blend illusion, daring feats, and sleight of hand to leave your audience spellbound.

Why YTE Events Stands Out in Entertainment?

Searching for top-tier entertainment for your event in Tampa? Look no further! At YTE Events, we pride ourselves on delivering not just talent but an experience. Our performers are the best in the business, and our commitment to professionalism is unwavering. More than just acts, we ensure our entertainment resonates with joy, laughter, and memories. So, for an event that’s talked about for years, YTE Events is your go-to partner.

Welcome to YTE Events, where entertainment isn’t just a service—it’s an experience. As Tampa’s premier entertainment destination, we stand out for several compelling reasons:

  • Unparalleled Talent: Our roster boasts the finest performers in the industry. From magicians who challenge reality to mermaids that captivate the imagination, our diverse entertainment options are designed to leave an indelible mark.
  • Unwavering Professionalism: Beyond talent, we’re committed to delivering a seamless experience. Punctuality, customization, and dedication are the pillars of our service. We collaborate closely with you, ensuring the entertainment aligns perfectly with your event’s theme and vision.
  • The Joy Quotient: At YTE Events, we believe that the heart of entertainment lies in joy and laughter. Our performances are crafted to evoke happiness, ensuring your guests leave with smiles and cherished memories.

For an event that resonates with unmatched entertainment, YTE Events is your ultimate choice. Dive into a world of mesmerizing performances and make your event the talk of the town!

We’re Proud to Showcase the Reviews of Our Satisfied Clients

Lilly Benitez

YTE not only executes gorgeous setups, but they can bring on talent for your event such as balloon animal makers, magicians, and more!!! The best part is that when you let them handle your party or event – get this, it’s actually fun for you and your guests to enjoy! You’ll wonder how you didn’t connect with such an intentional company before!

Tina Gagliardo

I hired Kevin from YTE to entertain the kids while wearing a dinosaur costume at my nephew’s birthday party. He was spectacular, he did such an excellent job. I was worried at first that the kids would be frightened by the enormous dinosaur but they LOVED it. My 2yo nephew got so excited that he even started dancing with the dinosaur! The kids were offering him hugs and playing with him – they had such a blast. Thank you Kevin, for your professionalism, charisma, and expertise, for showing up early, and for giving it 150%.

Sarah Cash

YTE events provided entertainment for my grand opening at The Homeschool Hive in Tampa. They were simply amazing!! The balloon artist was so fun and the 2 people who were various characters throughout the event were engaging, funny, sweet and just perfect!!! I can’t wait to have another event.

Take a Peek Inside Our Gallery

Discover the amazing entertainment experiences that we have to offer.

Juggling Variety Artist entertainer at event Tampa

Entertainment is the life of any event! Make sure your guests have a blast and a time they remember with our awesome entertainment options. With everything from high end specialty variety entertainment all the way down to a party clown, we have you covered for any entertainment need in the Greater Tampa Bay area.

We have it all. For a quick quote, complete our contact form here.

You can also view many of our prices on our YTE Events pricing page as well. The most requested entertainers are shown, though we have many more to choose form.

Some of the top most requested entertainment types are listed below with brief descriptions of what is offered. If you would like more information, some of the categories can be clicked and will take you to a page with more information. Since most of these entertainers are based in Central Florida, we’ve focused on options which are ussually going to be more efficient with pricing. That means there is ussually no additional travel fee and often no minimums for booking time. (This can of course vary with types of entertainment, but is much lower for local artists.)

No matter what you are interested in, feel free  to contact us via our event request form. It will go to our offices and someone will be back with you (usually within 6-12 hours) to help find the perfect entertainment for your event. When you complete the form, include your address and just let us know in the comment section you are looking for a local entertainer for your event by typing something like “Looking for a balloon twister near me.” in the additional notes field.

Advanced balloon artist tampa with twisted octopus

This is the top level balloon artist that we offer who is extremely capable at nearly any event. They know their craft, have tons of experience, and are sure to amaze.

Our face painters are amazing, professional, and to a great job taking care of the needs of your guests. Since we have so many, this is a great option for corporate picnics and larger events.

Hire a caricature artists for your next tampa birthday party

Get a portrait made of you and your guests as cartoon characters with this unique and fun addition to your event. The caricature artists are awesome for parties and events and we have a huge team of them that work well together for a corporate event.

When you are trying to garner attention at your event, stilt walkers are the way to go. They are great for entrances, walk around entertainment, or even to join in for parades and walks. They are wonderful at motivating walkers and runners for fundraisers too.

Tampa juggler at chamber of commerce event

Everyone loves watching our jugglers amuse and amaze with their stunts and skills. Fantastic for ambient entertainment, these jugglers are great for nearly any event.

Tampa princess performers for private events

Have that royal experience with our princesses and enjoy some of your favorite characters.

Glitter Tattoos are great for events, especially pool parties or something similar where traditional face paint may wash off. It has a different look and can be fun.

When a statue just isn’t good enough, we can add a living statue to your event! These are so much fun and make for tons of photos and excitement at your event. We have a few different options and can even do custom themed statues as well. Similarly, human tables, champagne dresses, and living art are all in this category and tons of fun and interest can be added to events with them.

Get ready to party with our DJs who know about how to get a party started. These DJs are great for birthdays, social events, and corporate gatherings. They are there to make sure everyone is having a good time. We can even make sure your playlist is on que if you like. Just let us know ahead of time.

A wedding is a special event that requires a special kind of DJ. Let us serve you with the absolute best in wedding DJs. Professionally dressed, professional equipment, and with the ability to emcee portions of your event as well, these DJs are top notch!

Whether you want a magic show for a birthday party or a strolling magician for a cocktail hour, we have tons of great magicians to choose from. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to reach out to the most appropriate entertainer for your event.

If you’re looking for a fun-loving, colorful addition to your event then look no further! Clowns are great to add a little pizazz.

This could be almost anything, but we have so many performers that cross-train and learn different skills that you can get all kinds of unique options for your event. Just ask about our variety performers.

A unique form of juggling, this is another fun addition to an event.

When you want something fun to watch and to entertain your guests, try a hoop artist. We even have a magician that does a whole hoop show!

Bring the magic of the circus to your event with a real live circus performer. Having a party in your back yard or at an event where there is not a ceiling? Don’t worry! We have a mobile rig that we can setup and use as well!

When you want the joy of face painting, but want things to be a little faster, air brushing might be a better choice. We also can use specialty paints to help prevent water from washing designs away at a pool party or wet event.

Take your guests on a journey into the mystical world of mermaids with our one-of-a-kind, real live beauties of the sea. Our mermaids have professional movie quality prosthetic grade latex tails. They are fully functional and can be swum in as well. You and your guests are sure to be amazed.

Regular Luau Show runs 45 minutes. Dances from Hawaii & Tahiti, New Zealand Poi Balls and the Samoan Fire Knife show. We will cover 4 islands and, of course, we can bring Tori the monkey if it’s ok. Fun audience participation numbers, 4 costume changes. Includes Hawaiian musician for show as well. Guests from even are pulled onto stage, taught to dance and lots of fun.

Fire can be scaled to whatever you are looking to accomplish. All shows need a minimum of 2 performers and a safety. A single performer can do fire breathing, but it is priced per breath rather than per hour or per show. (Note: In a bigger fire show, fire breathing is usually included as part of the crowd gathering or as part of the finale.)

Strolling interactive characters can always be fun at an event. Our pirates are as genuine as you can get as they routinely perform in reenactment shows across the state. Trained in the art of improv, interactive comedy, and the language of a pirate (but not a sailor), they are sure to be a hit at any event. Pirate shows available as well!

Tampa Bubble Performer for private events

He takes specially formulated magic bubble liquid solution and uses it to create all kinds of interesting shapes with bubbles. When you want the absolute best in bubble shows in the Tampa Bay area, Bubbles by Blaise is the only option for a bubble show. No one even gets close in talent, skill, or performance ability. He keeps crowds young and old entertained and amused with all his silly bubble antics.

We even have a Mad Science Show too!

Whether you are looking for a group dance number or an “impromptu” fight scene, our choreographed interactions are great to add an element of surprise and wonder for nearly any event. Contact us with your concepts and we can work together to help create a masterpiece. These can be as simple as “planned hecklers” or as complex as a 80 pirate versus ninja fight scene.

With two different level 2 certified parkour instructors, we also can offer group or private classes in parkour. We have all the equipment needed. This is great for team building, confidence building, and overall it teaches individuals and groups how to creatively overcome any obstacle that may land in their path.

For a fun addition to a Halloween party or themed event, this can be a great way to amuse your guests.

Have a photo booth set up at your event and allow your guests to take photos of themselves that they can carry home as souvenirs. Once everyone is done taking photos, we can post the photos online for everyone to see or we can provide them to you in a private album as well. We can custom brand the booth, the photos, and even the watermark on digital photos to reflect your business, brand, or event logo. Now we even have the 360 photo booth options!

santa delivering presents right to your door in tampa florida

With the holidays always around the corner, we are able to provide a real bearded Santa for your party or event. They can do public speaking, photo opportunities, house visits, and can even hand out gifts for you. Just let us know what you are looking to accomplish and we will find the best Santa for your event. If you have a long-distance request, we can even do zoom chats with Santa!

Our body artists use paint to cover the body of a model with your logo or a scene for your event. As talented as they are, they can accomplish just about anything. Let us know what you are looking for and we can put something together for you and connect you with the artist most talented in your specific type of body art. We can do neon paints as well so that your models will glow in blacklight!

Our henna artists use actual henna which safely will stain the skin for up to 2 weeks. Rest assured that we are using the absolute safest materials and that you will never get “black henna” from our entertainers. (Black henna is cheaper, but can leave chemical burns on the skin which can last for a lifetime.) Get absolutely the best, most talented, and professional henna artists with us. Call for details.

Our letterbrush artists are phenomenal and mix the art of Chinese calligraphy, painting, and American letters into a piece of art that your guests can take home with them. They can make full names or they can paint the first letter of a name and add the rest of the name in calligraphy. Letterbrush can be done on site for maximum entertainment or pieces can be commissioned separately so that everyone at your event can get a name specifically for them.

Turn your event into a real life casino! Have all the fun with none of the headache. Our casino parties come complete with tables, dealer, and pit boss to make sure everything runs smoothly for you and your guests. We provide fake money for everyone to play with and chips as well. All you need to add are the prizes.

Our traditional mariachi players are great for any event! The 4 piece band can stroll from table to table, be set up on stage, or can move from corner to corner. They are beautifully costumed, super talented, and can sing in Spanish and English.

Our talented unicyclists can entertain your guests, be involved in parades, and can even put on a show for the little ones.

YTE Events is Tampa’s Premier Balloon Decor & Entertainment Company. We don’t just plan events – we make dreams come true. Our expert team creates unique and unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression. From custom balloon installations and stunning decor to top-of-the-line entertainment, we have everything you need to take your event to the next level.

We can help with your event whether it be balloon arches, columns, balloon twisters, face painters, magicians, caricature artists, stilt walkers, cotton candy machines, greenery walls, shimmer backdrops, photo booths, or something never before imagined!
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